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Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by calvins48, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. DarkLegions

    DarkLegions Licensed Racer

    Stumbled upon this site.

    • FFB (overall gain /strength)
    • Curbs FFB - (as some users want to "feel something" even with flat curbs, )
    • Road FFB - (suspensions)
    • Slip FFB, (in order to feel when you're losing grip)
    • Understeer FFB, (to understand if you're steering too much)
  2. DarkLegions

    DarkLegions Licensed Racer

    Are you guys changing any settings, specifically FFB?

    I feel like its ok as is at 100% but see on gtplanet or assetto corsa forums, many ppl lowering it to 50 or below...

    What about any1 here?
  3. MiamiPhill

    MiamiPhill TPRA Staff

    I'm down to 60% and increased the road and curb FFB. I'm at work so I don't remember all the settings, (I think I have that understeer effect turned on too) so I'll post what I have when I get home.
  4. MiamiPhill

    MiamiPhill TPRA Staff

    Here is what I have:

    FFB- 60%
    Curb FFB- 70%
    Road FFB- 70%
    Slip FFB- 25%
    Understeer Effects- On
  5. DarkLegions

    DarkLegions Licensed Racer

    I've been out of the loop, has assetto corsa gotten private lobbies on PS4?
  6. Jimmy1971

    Jimmy1971 Administrator Staff Member

    Yes it has.
  7. MasterGT

    MasterGT Moderator Staff Member

    Some of the Special Events are set up in a way which makes it very difficult to get the top Tier if you drive your best right from the start.

    You see, the challenges take sector time away from each lap, so the idea is that you drive faster as you acclimate to the task at hand. The problem is that if you nail the first few laps, you don't have any headroom to go any faster. You will run out of sector time before you get the top Tier.

    The solution, when you find one of these challenges is to start more slowly and more gradually increase your speed if you must. You can actually game the system by going really slowly. Just keep an eye on the sector clock and you can beat these hotlaps on the first attempt.
  8. soks

    soks Licensed Racer

    For those under a rock :D Update 1.15 is live. There is dlc which was not available yet in the Indonesian or Canadian stores when I checked last night
  9. Peyepete

    Peyepete Licensed Racer

    Created to mark the 70th anniversary of the Ferrari brand, the new Assetto Corsa DLC offering will contain some of the most iconic road and racing machines produced by the legendary marque, including plenty of historic content and the 2017 specification Formula One car that currently sits second in the Formula One World Drivers Championship.

    As a reminder you can check out the Ferrari Celebration Pack DLC contents below:
    • 1962 250 GTO
    • 1967 330 P4
    • 1967 312/67
    • 1984 288 GTO
    • 2004 F2004
    • 2017 812 Superfast
    • Ferrari SF70H 2017 F1 Car
    With Kunos having confirmed the new DLC is just seven days away from a public release on PC (Xbox One and PS4 to follow at a later date), the Italian development team have released a nice new trailer for one of the most spectacular cars included in the pack, the stunning 1962 issue Ferrari 250 GTO, which can be viewed below:

    Introducing the Ferrari 250 GTO... The 250 GTO model was the pinnacle of the development of the 250 GT series in competition form, whilst still remaining a road car. It made its public debut at the annual pre-season Ferrari press conference in January 1962, and was the only front-engined model on display, with its monoposto and sports racing counterparts all having a mid-engine configuration. The 250 GTO was the ultimate expression of the Ferrari 250 GT car. It was equally at home on the road or track – perhaps the last dual purpose road/race car produced – and has achieved legendary status amongst aficionados of the marque. With only a relatively small production run of thirty-six cars, and with many of the examples produced having a great racing pedigree, it has become one of the icons of Ferrari's production history, with a revered position in collectors' circles.
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  10. soks

    soks Licensed Racer

    Pete, I believe this is the Ready to Race pack
  11. Peyepete

    Peyepete Licensed Racer

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  12. MasterGT

    MasterGT Moderator Staff Member

    I just checked now and the RTR Pack is not yet available.

    If you try to load one of the new cars with the cloud icon over it, the game will take you to the PS Store, to download the pack. Currently, it will give an error message.
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  13. MasterGT

    MasterGT Moderator Staff Member

    Some of these new cars are nice! Not all of them have full adjustability, however, the ones that I have driven, so far, are easy enough to drive.
  14. Peyepete

    Peyepete Licensed Racer

    An interesting interview with AC Stefano Casillo on the Ferrari 70th anniversary DLC.

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  15. Peyepete

    Peyepete Licensed Racer

    Another short interview with AC Stefano Casillo, re Laguna Seca and 6 cars coming as FREE DLC.

    From RaceDepartment:

    We spoke at length with Stefano Casillio of Kunos Simulazioni about Assetto Corsa, some new free content incoming and all things racing...

    The Sim Racing Expo was a wonderful opportunity for sim racers, developers, hardware manufacturers and the media to get together to celebrate the wonderful hobby we call sim racing. Thanks to the great access and atmosphere of the event we had the opportunity to chat with one of the key figures behind Assetto Corsa, Stefano Casillio, and he was more than happy to give us an insight into the behind the scenes workings at Kunos, plus revealing some exciting new free content coming to Assetto Corsa in the near future.

    You can check out the interview below:

    Originally planned as part of a standard paid DLC, Kunos scheduled the highly anticipated laser scanned version of Laguna Seca to release alongside a pack of new performance road cars for the simulation. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances the launch of Laguna hit one or two delays against the original schedule, slipping to much further in the calendar year that was the intention when the announcement was first hinted at several months ago.

    In something of a generous gesture from Kunos, the popular Italian developers have decided to release both circuit and accompanying cars to the base game for free, bringing with it a very popular drivers circuit and six new cars to the title.

    The confirmed free bonus pack DLC will contain:
    • Laguna Seca Circuit
    • Alfa Rome Giulia QV
    • Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
    • Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
    • Lamborghini Huracan Performante
    • Maserati Quattroporte
    • Pagani Huayra BC
    No exact release date has been confirmed by Kunos, however it is expected that players will be in receipt of the new content before the end of 2017.
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  16. NumbSkuld

    NumbSkuld Licensed Racer

    Are most of you on the PS4 environment, or PC (Steam) environment?
  17. dmcallis

    dmcallis Licensed Racer

    I think most are PS4 here. I invite correction.

    Long time no see, by the way. Welcome back.

    You have a PS4 yet? There are some pretty good racers out for it.
  18. NumbSkuld

    NumbSkuld Licensed Racer

    It has been a while indeed. No PS4 here. Instead, I just dropped a lot of the hard earned money on a fancy laptop (MSI Raider). That's the reason I am asking for PC and Steam.
  19. dmcallis

    dmcallis Licensed Racer

    Yeah, I kinda suspected you had gone over to the PC route from the question...

    How do you expect to play GTSport without a PS4?


    Just Kidding.

    Hope to see you back someday... PS4s will get cheaper still...

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