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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by calvins48, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    It's not DiRT 4 quite yet but it is Codemaster's first-ever true racing simulator.

    The game is out now on PC via Steam Early Access for fans to tweak for the next few months before a full release of the game on both PC and consoles at a later date.

    The game is already in a built state but with the help of Steam Early Access, Codemasters can build up the game further with direct assistance from the fans.

    This is the first rally simulator since Richard Burns Rally all those years ago. :sHa_clap:

  2. PuckHead77

    PuckHead77 Licensed Racer

    It's been quite a long time since calvins posted this.
    After following this game for a long time I finally broke down and bought Dirt Rally last weekend. It is amazing. Great graphics (and i have a very modest pc) great physics and fantastic track layouts along with a career mode and online challenges make it feel like a complete game even though it's still early access.
    If you have the means to play it you should.
    Check out the user reviews on steam. Codemasters hit it out of the park with this game!!!
  3. Peyepete

    Peyepete Licensed Racer

    I have to agree with you Puckhead.
    I bought the game the week it was released, and the physics were not the best, but with all the updates to this game since it was released, they have made it an amazing game.

    Since the release, and that video, they have added Germany, Finland, Pikes Peak and RallyCross.
    With Daily ( 1 Stage), Weekly (8 Stages) and Monthly (24 Stages) challenges, there is always something different to do, and you can also "save" between stages and jump back in as it suits you. Great when you don't have much time but need a "quick fix".

    The RallyCross is wild... short, fast and furious but intense and a lot of fun.
    If anyone likes Rally, it's worth the money.
  4. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    This game is rally-simulation. So if you're into rallying and rallycross and want a sim for it on PS4, this is your game!

    Preview video:


    The game will launch on PS4 on April 5. Previous versions of DiRT were arcade, but this new iteration is hardcore! :sHa_thumb2:
  5. NumbSkuld

    NumbSkuld Licensed Racer

    Not really sorry to dig up such an old thread.....but Dirt Rally is on sale at Steam. I am thinking of picking it up. Anybody is still playing this game?
  6. Peyepete

    Peyepete Licensed Racer

    Hey Numb... long time no see. Still in Toronto.
    I fire it up now and again for a change of pace.
  7. NumbSkuld

    NumbSkuld Licensed Racer

    Hey Pete. It's been a while. Do not get up to your neck of the woods these days, since I had to replace my dad's car, and thus no longer need to use the rust proofing service up there. Nevertheless, should still have a get together somewhere in the middle. :)

    My PS3 and G27 are collecting dust! :oops: Just wondering what type of PC racing games I should pick up in the near future for my new laptop. pCARS 2 is a bit expensive. Dirt Rally and Dirt 4 are both on sale on Steam....but it seems like that there are not much online racing going on, unlike Richard Burn's Rally.
  8. Peyepete

    Peyepete Licensed Racer

    From Steam.
    Assetto Corsa: Best
    Race Room Racing Experience: also good but can get expensive.
    RFactor2. a lot of updates bring it close to the latest games.
    Automobilista: South American, lot of variety.
    Dirt Rally: good single player.
    If you need to relax...try
    American Truck Simulator.
    Euro Truck Simulator 2..
    I'll pm you re meeting up and some other info.

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