Forza Motorsport 4

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by clacksman, May 26, 2011.

  1. The_Revengel

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    The best thing with that article is the following comment:

    "I'm imagining the companies fighting over which car they get for pre-order.

    Target: Aw come on, we get some crappy hybrid while Amazon gets the STi?! They aren't even a brick and mortar store!
    Gamestop: Dude, Target, STFU. Half of the kids that come into my store think Alfa Romeo is a Shakespeare play. "
  2. clacksman

    clacksman Licensed Racer

    Not much interest I guess, understandable here. Demo is still AWESOME.
  3. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    If I had a 360, I'd try it.

    Forza 4 has better cars than GT5 though, I'll give them that.
  4. PuckHead77

    PuckHead77 Licensed Racer

    I'm interested!!! The demo is awsome . I have a 360 and i'll be picking it up Tuesday. Between FM4 and and GT5 2.0 i'm going to be very busy:)
  5. Rated-M3

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    Hmmm, do I see the TPRA Forza league in the future?

    No comments on Forza... With all those BMWs.... :sAng_threaten:
  6. clacksman

    clacksman Licensed Racer

    Dunno, but we'd make a section for it if the population exists. Feel free to hijack this thread or make one here in 'Other Games' for some FM4 racing.

    With my 360 controller being a beater with a dead spot and not enough cash handy for a tri-platform wheel I'm likely out until they inevitably put out the $40 all-singing-all-dancing complete edition 6-18 months after the DLC output stops.
  7. HWKII

    HWKII Licensed Racer

    What options are there for wheels that work on all 3 platforms?
  8. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

  9. RackAttack

    RackAttack Licensed Racer

    InsideSimRacing wheel buyers guide for xbox:

    Cliff notes: buy the one calvins linked, unless you can afford the CRS Elite ($500, no pedals)
  10. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    How come Tomas gave Darin a job at Fanatec?
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  11. PuckHead77

    PuckHead77 Licensed Racer

    Hey guys, I've been playing FM4 for the past 2 days and it's great so far!!! there is so much content it's mind boggling.
    The coolest thing for me is the rival mode, you race against a friend (ghost mode)and try to beat him on a given track,with the same car and build,very addictive!!!
    the other awesome feature is car clubs, this is the best!!! If we had this in GT5 it would work like this: Moose,I assume(or maybe Forgetful or Clacksman) would put the TPRA name out as a team name and then would be able to invite the other members here to join as a club. As a club ,you share things like cars ,tunes,liveries,ect.And then the game keeps track of which team has the fastest circuit, time trial,hot lap and drift scores.
    Having said this,IMHO, FM4 still falls a little short(but not by much) when compared to GT5 's graphics,and physics, ( i watched both games run at the same time with the 2010 camaro at laguna),Sharper image for PS3(res)smoother image(frame rate)for XBOX360.
    I have both systems and have no bias toward either.
    If your looking for the best racing "sim" on a console it's GT5.
    If your looking for the best racing "game" on a console it's FM4.
    Having said that if your a wheel user like myself GT5 is the only way to go as GT5 feels like it was made for a wheel and FM4 still feels like it was made for a controller!

    Edit: After playing the game for a week my last sentence was a little harsh,I now feel that using my wheel is pretty sweet with the game, and the sound of the tires trying to keep there bite around turns is simply amazing!!!
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  12. HWKII

    HWKII Licensed Racer

    I've often lamented that PD couldn't be as conscious of the gaming experience as other companies are. NFS Shift and Forza are presented so well and with such great features. Give me NFS' presentation with GT5s attention to detail and physics and Forza's game modes and features and just... /drool.
  13. redrkt

    redrkt Licensed Racer

    and a track list from all 3 and you would have the penultimate racing game.
  14. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    And Forza's car SELECTION as well. :)
  15. GTsimms

    GTsimms Licensed Racer

    Well after playing Forza 4 with my Xbox360 Wheel. I can say for a cheap wheel the game handles very good compared to the previous ones. I was definitely surprised, but it is still not as accurate on the tracks as GT. I think Forza 4 and GT5 both can definitely give you a nice track selection, since the addition of dlc!
  16. GWNR_coldion10

    GWNR_coldion10 Licensed Racer

    FM4 graphics engine+ GT5 driving engine +Shift 2 damage engine= best racing sim i could think of.

    Edit: the only way i can see this ever working at max capacity is on a PC. the console games had to sacrifice in one of the above departments (or two in some cases) to have it run smoothly on consoles.
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  17. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    Like forgetful, the PS3 could do with more memory.
  18. clacksman

    clacksman Licensed Racer

  19. Forgetful

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    You can't...

    That just doesn't...

    ... Hey! :p

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