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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by clacksman, May 26, 2011.

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    Not entirely sister; my GTP login didn't work. Nice though, I hadn't realized they split the Forza stuff off from being a subsection of GTPlanet.
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    I met Jordan from GTP at Petit LeMans (super cool guy), he said he was launching it and expected it to be very popular. It was great talking to him.....he's as critical of GT5 as we are. He's not a fanboy and loves iRacing and other sins too. He is a very interesting guy with a neat story.

    The thing that I found most interesting was that he was about to launch Forza Planet but had never driven Forza, in fact he had an appointment in the Forza booth to give it a try later in the day.
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    Well, after playing FM4 for a week now i have to say it totally rocks!!!
    it's a damn shame you have to spend over 3 bills (like me for a GT2 Fanatec Wheel and pedals)to get the most out of the game.
    M$ really needs a low cost quality wheel like the DFGT( i have one and its so great for the money)!!!
    Having said that,I have heard that Madcatz(ugh)is coming out with a low cost FFB wheel, but i have found there products in the past to be somewhat, ummm, crap.imho.
    Anyone here(clacksman,GTSimms) or anyone else that has FM4 please send me a FR on the 360 (GLR puckhead). I would love to at least try to keep up with you guys in Rivals mode!!!

    TPRA is still the best place to race though, and i will be racing here for a long,long time!!!
    I'll see you boys on Friday with little E's Impala!!!
  5. clacksman

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    I would if I had FM4 and Gold.

    Thanks for the anecdote JSW.
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    The sounds are quite amazing too... Damn...
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    Look great, sounds great but the situation is still: Real Life>Forza 4 and GT5>Real Life in my view.

    When I watch Forza 4 videos, I consciously think that I'm still watching a video game, but when I watch my GT5 B-Spec (as I am now) or GT5 YouTube videos, there's moments where my brain gets tricked into thinking that I'm watching a real race; then I realise it's a game. This is the case even with the Standard Cars sometimes.
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    PuckHead77 sent you a friend request. Mine is Rob Simms.
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    This being released so quickly after the game released says to me that T10 are ripping Xbox owners off. The fanboy would see it as, "Haha! GT5 takes a year to make DLC and Forza 4 has it in a couple of weeks!" Whereas the educated person would realise that T10 already had this content ready and could've put it in the original game, but instead decided to release it after the game to milk money from the people. Nice tactic but awfully mean. There's no way that in two weeks, T10 could've built those vehicles and got them ready for release; models have more polygons these days and are extremely detailed.

    It's like an EA game where vehicles are seen as "extra content" rather than painstakingly built machines. GT5's DLC makes you feel the blood, sweat and tears that the PD guys felt when making them. However, PD needs to take note on the actual content itself that T10 is giving. The cars included in the DLC are current dream cars and some classics too - just what a car game needs. GT5's DLC was just suped-up versions of cars already in the game. There was nothing actually new apart from the tracks, which there wasn't actually a lot of.
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    Would love to have a '57 Chevy sitting in my garage ...... you can take back 1/2 the DLC's I just got to give me one of those. Sweet!
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    I have changed my gamertag to GTsimms on the Xbox360 if anyone wants to add me!
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    Puck I am late getting to this thread but have had FM4 since release. will send FR sometime today tho.
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  16. redrkt

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    just got the newest (March) DLC last week, and as usual they have added several OLD SCHOOL cars to the mix (great for building Old School Drag cars with)
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    Red, did you send a FR to me? I deleted it then realised it might be you....If it was, send another please!!!
  18. redrkt

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    Yeah was gonna let you know it was me but got busy with work, will send asap
  19. redrkt

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    Yeah was gonna let you know it was me but got busy with work, will send asap

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