G-27 for sale.

Discussion in 'Driver's Lounge' started by nuTTTz, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. nuTTTz

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    I'll put this here a day or so before I pop it on Kijiji.

    For sale: G27 with 2 shifters and 2 sets of pedals, and a Cronus max adaptor.

    $250 + full shipping costs.
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    Hey nuTTTz, if you don't have any luck selling here, GTP has updated a "Trading Post" for buy and sell.


    Posted: 01 Jul 2018 04:53 AM PDT

    GTPlanet is proud to host the largest forum dedicated to sim-racing hardware, and starting today, it’s about to get even better: we’re opening up our Trading Post forum to everyone, making it easy for all of our members to save (or make!) money on games and gear.

    To get started, just head over to the forum and start browsing. If you see something you like, chat up the seller and work out a deal. To list your product, check out the forum rules, then create your own thread.

    If you’re just looking for a simple sale, give your thread the “For Sale” prefix. If you have a trade in mind, use “Trade”. If you’re looking to buy something in particular, you can also post a “Want To Buy” thread.

    Of course, the usual caveats apply when doing business with strangers on the Internet. GTPlanet assumes no responsibilities for any of the listings, and you engage in buying and selling at your own risk. Be careful out there — we’d recommend dealing with users who have an established reputation in our community.

    Although the new forum is in our Sim Racing Hardware forum, you don’t have to stick to sim-racing gear: you’re welcome to sell just about anything. Game consoles, TVs, real cars, it’s all fair game.

    If you’re not a GTPlanet member yet, click here to create your free account. Good luck, and enjoy the new marketplace!

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