Gr.3 @ Autodrome Lago Maggiore - GP 11/10/17

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  1. Jimmy1971

    Jimmy1971 Administrator Staff Member

    RACE DATE: Nov/10/17 Room will be open no later than 8:30pm. Race starts at 9:00pm Eastern

    HOST: jimmy1971 (make sure I'm on your friends list as the race will be private)

    Discord Game Chat (Info for our Discord can be found here:

    VEHICLES: Gr.3 Class Cars

    TRACK: Autodrome Lago Maggiore

    Basic Settings
    Room Mode - Practice/Endurance Race
    (Practice will last for 30 minutes +)
    Room Privacy - Friends Only

    Room Settings
    Room Name - TPRA Gr.3
    Race Type - Race for Real
    Fixed Room Ownership - Yes
    Max Number of Participants - 16
    Required Driver Rating - NA
    Required Sportsmanship Rating - NA

    Track Settings
    Track - Autodrome Lago Maggiore
    Conditions - 18:00 Clear
    Time Limit - 50 minutes

    Race Settings
    Start Type - Grid Start
    Grid Order - Fastest First
    Boost - None
    Slipstream - Real
    Visible Damage - On
    Mechanical Damage - None
    Tire Wear - 2X
    Fuel Consumption - 2X
    Initial Fuel - 50 Liters
    Grip Red. on Wet Track/Track Edge - Real
    Race Finish Delay - 120sec

    Regulation Settings
    Filter by Category - Gr.3
    Balance of Performance - On
    Power Limit - NA
    Weight - NA
    Maximum Tire Rating - Racing Soft
    Minimum Tire Rating - Racing Hard
    Livery Restrictions - No Limit
    Type of Racing Number - No Limit
    Assign Car Number Automatically - NA
    Kart Usage - Off

    Penalty Settings
    Ghosting During Race - None
    Shortcut Penalty - Strong
    Wall Collision Penalty - Time Penalty (Weak)
    Wall Collision Detection - Default
    Side Contact Penalty - Off
    Correct Vehicle Course After Wall Collision - Off
    Replace Car at Course Out - Off
    Flag Rules - On

    Limit Driving Options
    Countersteering Assist - Prohibited
    Active Stability Management (ASM) - Prohibited
    Driving Line Assist - No Limit
    Traction Control - No Limit
    ABS - No Limit
    Auto Drive - No Limit
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  2. Jimmy1971

    Jimmy1971 Administrator Staff Member

    Please take note. Tire wear is now at 2X.
  3. NBA336

    NBA336 Licensed Racer

    Jimmy, I'm going to try to make it but it's going to be close. Don't wait, just wanted to mention I might get on at the last minute. If I can, I'll try to get on Discord while I'm in the car and keep you posted. If it works without wireless!!!!
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