Grand Theft Auto Five

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by calvins48, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. calvins48

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    I had been wondering how much Max Payne stuff they'd get out of the way before beginning talking about their premier franchise. You know it's important to them when they make the logo and trailer date the entire front of their website which they hadn't done for their other titles.
  3. calvins48

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    All we know is it's probably going to be gangster themed again and probably set in the Cali area. There was a cast list leaked a while back and most of the names were gangster-sounding and I swear there was something in it about a "west-coast setting". And also look at the font of the 'Five' - San Andreas anyone? Many are thinking it's going to be set in an expanded Los Santos.

    If I was making the game? I'd either go back to Vice City, go to somewhere in Europe or go back to London. Just 'cause.
  4. HyperKat

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    It's about time to hit london up.
    we'll find out shortly, i'm good on the whole 'west side gangsta' I'm trying to act a fool in europe!!!
  5. clacksman

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    I like how the 'V' with 'five' overlaid in text is styled from money.
  6. calvins48

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  7. HyperKat

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    That person is going to have a conversation with mister spaz.
  8. calvins48

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    You gonna


  9. HyperKat

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    Perhaps you didn't understand me.....
    Mr. Spaz only speaks once. LOL
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  10. calvins48

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    That's prior to '91, therefore it's before my time, therefore it doesn't count! :)
  11. The_Revengel

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    Y'know...I haven't watched 2Fast 2Furious in a few weeks...and Fast Five in about three days.

    I need to remedy that.
  12. Forgetful

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  13. RackAttack

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    My, aren't you in a riotous mood today?
  14. Forgetful

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    The Daytime, Sniffling, Sneezing, Coughing, Aching, Stuffyhead, Fever, So-You-Can-Riot Medicine
  15. Dyemonic

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    I wish i could smack the author(s).

    Too much effort put into something that will be explained soon enough. Not to mention putting odds on their guesses that is based solely around rumors.

    This post was brought to you by the letter 'V'
  16. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    Talking about a possible London setting:
    "Rockstar North, the folks who actually create a bulk of what makes the Grand Theft Auto games, are based in relatively nearby Edinburgh, Scotland."

    That is one of the worst sentences I have ever seen in my life. Ever.

    Imagine for a minute that Rockstar North are based in Maine, NE. That's like saying, "Rockstar North, the folks who create a bulk of what makes the Grand Theft Auto games, are based in relatively nearby Miami, Florida."

    Edinburgh and London are located at two different ends of the country and are in fact located in different countries altogether. Edinburgh is deep north and London is deep South.
  17. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    Don't forget LA Noire's facial technology. Here's hoping Rockstar used it for GTA V.

    Ialso think It'll be released sometime in 2013.
  18. timneyb

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    But as close together, or closer, than LA, SF and LV were for San Andreas.

    Interesting though. I am imagining completely impenetrable Glaswegian accents on American ears.
  19. GTP_Jato4x4

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    I gotta agree w/ Hyper on this one. Either Vice City, or Europe. I don't think the PS3 could handle SA the way that it should be, I mean even 4 had a problem w/ loading different cars and other stuff, and that Liberty City was a 1/2 of what SA would need to be. I read somewhere before on a Dan Houser interview that they really didnt like the RAM limits on the current consoles, but I guess we will see tomorrow.

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