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    RDR was pretty good for loading issues as you moved around the huge map, but then speed wasn't as high as it would be using vehicles with more than four horsepower.
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    I don't think they'll go back to Vice City. They did it, it was cool and the only difference this time around would be better graphics. You can't really have fun with it set in any other decade apart from the 80s. I think it'll probably be set in an expanded Los Santos just like IV had an expanded Liberty City. I'd rather they didn't because Los Santos was the most boring of the three cities in SA and it's already been done in another Rock* game - LA Noire.

    They should head to either Europe or Japan, in my view. Sure, it would take more time, money and research, but Rock* have all of those easily close to hand. This thing has obviously been in development since at least '08 so I expect a release in 2013 sometime - seeing as IV took around 5 years. However, the could do what PD is doing with GT5 and 6 and use GTA IV as the base for GTA V since it's probably going to be released on 7th gen consoles. It'd be out a year or two before I reckon we'll see the release of the PS4, so just near the end of the PS3's major life-cycle.

    Also, interesting that they're going straight from four to five. The only other time when Rock* did that was between GTAs 2 and 3 respectively. They moved from the PC and PS1 to the PC and PS2 - a whole new home console. I wonder if "Five" is a working title? Doubt it.
    Between GTA 1 and 2 we had London 1969 and London 1961, between 3 and 4 we had Vice City, Advance, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories and Vice City stories. Yeah, we'll have had The Lost and Damned, Chinatown Wars and The Ballad of Gay Tony, but two of those were expansion packs for GTA IV and one of them was for the Nintendo DS and Apple's iOS.
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    Found this on Wikipedia (WITH SOURCES): Before the game had been officially announced, there had been several minor leaks of supposed GTA production including websites, casting calls featuring GTA characters, and an IGN editor who has said the next game will be released in 2012.
    The first signs of the game went online in February 2011, via an actor's CV, which was followed by the discovery of Rockstar-registered GTA style URLs.
    In March a number of casting calls for voice acting in a project codenamed Rush were leaked on the internet that were said to be for Rockstar, including a role as James Pedeaston, a radio personality in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
    In June 2011, sources allegedly close to the developer said the title is "well under way", with final touches like mini-games already being applied, and a 2012 release "pretty likely". "It's the big one," they also said of the game, noting that GTA V's scale is vast.

    Also, the website now has a countdown clock on it. In my opinion, it's not a countdown clock for the release of the trailer, it's a countdown clock for when the internet will implode.
    Rock* had a countdown clock for GTA IV's first reveal trailer all those years back, I remember it took me half an hour to watch the thing because millions of others were trying to do the exact same thing.
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    Details leaked? Fake? We'll know in 5 hours. I like the 2012 end of the world thing though.

    The protagonist is Hispanic and his name is Adrian
    It takes place in San Andreas in the year 2012. The Mayan end of the world thing is parodied a lot because of this.
    You start out in Los Santos and are in your rivals turf. Varrios Los Aztecas after getting beat up and robbed
    The game revolves around money in a big deal. I’d reveal the big idea but I don’t want to ruin it.
    Multiplayer is in again. There are a couple of new game modes, co-op story and 32 player game modes for consoles and 64 player for PC, PC also includes dedicated servers
    Pc comes out on launch and is being ported by Leeds. From what they’ve shown us it is optimized much better than GTA 4
    San Andreas includes all the same cities from GTA SA and this time they have all become a bit bigger as well as much more detailed.
    Gang turk wars are back. This time not only the general gang are in charge but different sets such as 57th Ballas or the Eastside Azteca. The have their own graffiti. You can tag up stuff with custom sprays too.
    In the end your protag dies once again just like in RDR. Afterwards you play as his brother who inherits the money.
    “The Money” I refer to comes from a massive drug trade that shits to San Andreas. It is fought over a lot throughout the story and it comes with lots of money. It has ties to your family so it becomes a bigger deal.
    The timeline continues off of GTA 4. It is reference a lot. I’m not really sure whether Niko dies but he’s mentioned at least twice.
    Car modding is back so is lowriding of course.
    There are 9 radio stations. It features a range of music. Some of the rap is new, some is old. There’s a better selection than GTA4 though IMO.
    Military has returned in the 5 star wanted level except they are referred to as the National Guard.
    Cover system is upgraded and players more smoothly
    The moral decisions you saw in GTA 4 have more effect on the story now. There are a total of 4 unique endings 2 bad, 2 good. Whether protag dies in all of them you’ll just have to figure out since the endings are actually pretty cool.
    More girlfriends
    Fun cheats are back!

    Here's the picture of the leak:

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    Luckily I'll still have an hour (at least) left at work when the trailer hits. So by the time I get home, the congestion will hopefully have ceased a touch and I can watch the trailer without waiting for millions of others.
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    Put it on, pause it, wait for load bar to be done, play.
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    Yeah and for the most part the environments weren't exactly highly populated. If Mr Marston had an Infernus, there would have been hardly any loading or frame rate issues because there wasn't much for the system to populate. Granted it was a huge space, but it was very sparse. But I do think RDR looked a lot better then IV, characters and environment. I would be happy if they just added all of the cheat codes back, I want to be able to spawn a Monster Truck wherever I please, and turn on riot mode, and what happened to Rampages? And don't get me started on the Hydra, that was one of the best vehicles on the PS2 in any game.

    edit: Don't take this like I didnt like IV, it was and is one of my favorite current gen games. I just feel they kind of took step away from what made the series what it is.
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    Haha with millions of others trying to do just that at the same time, it will be a long wait.
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    I saw a fighter jet in that trailer. Heres to hoping it has the VTOL like the Hydra. This game looks rediculous, the mountain range, even a guy that looked like Tommy Vercetti in the trailer twice. Sucks there was no release date or year or anything though.
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    Well, I think this might be the first game I'm actually excited for after GT5 has come out. Looks spectacular, and set in "L.A.". I used to play Midnight Club:L.A. and it really adds to the cool factor when you drive around and actually recognize streets/landmarks. And I've always loved the driving physics in the newer GTA games. I think at one point I even set up my wheel and did GTA online races. Good times.
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    That's totally Tommy Vercetti talking.
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    You should get L.A. Noire, just for that.

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    The leak I found was mostly correct then.

    SA? Not excited about. I loved the SA we got on the PS2 and I don't want a snazzier one. Yeah it'll have a few new additions but it probably won't be like the new Liberty City we goit in IV. The first LC was based on various American cities whereas the new LC was heavily based on New York City.

    Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas were heavily based on LA, San Fran and Vegas. I don't really think it'll be fun doing that all over again but with more detailed environments, better graphics and a new plot. I was hoping for a brand new location altogether, and for two GTAs in a row now, it's been duplicates. They've also ditto'd the present day setting. The better graphics and environments will be awesome seeing as SA has lots of countryside (Mount Chiliad looks amazing) and Las Venturas will be great if they add more gambling options but a whole new setting would've been a better decision in my view.

    Now, of course, we don't know ALL the details but you can see just from the trailer what V is mostly about. LA must be the most used location in sandbox video games. Midnight Club, True Crime, LA Noire, GTA: SA and now GTA V. Really? LA all over again? Don't worry, I'm excited for it and hell yeah I'll buy it, but I guess I'd like to see why this one is different. It's like murder mysteries on TV. "ANOTHER ONE?" "Yeah, but this one's different because the lead detective just got out of jail." Or, "Yeah, but this one's different because it's set in 1947."

    Oh and if Mr. Vercetti returns? It'll be amazing just because of that one man! :)

    P.S: As the old saying (that I just made up) goes: "It's a video game, so someone has to complain."
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    *sees trailer*
    *flips table.*
    that is all.
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    If the older guy is Tommy Vercetti talking, it isn't Ray Liotta voicing him even though it does sound like him. IGN confirmed with Liotta's reps that it's not him talking in the trailer.
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    TPRA, Racin' for slips! Loser gets curb stomped
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