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  1. Jimmy1971

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    Hopefully the new BoP for the Gr.4 cars has slowed down the FF cars.

    The BoP (Balance of Performance) of cars have been updated.
    The updated models and adjustment details are as follows;

    【Gr.3 Class】
    ・BMW M6 GT3 '16 [Power Ratio : 97% > 98%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 101% > 102%]
    ・BMW Z4 GT3 '11 [Power Ratio : 106% > 105%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 103% > 108%]
    ・GT by Citroen Race Car (Gr.3) [Power Ratio : 89% > 88%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 106% > 110%]
    ・Audi R8 LMS (Audi Sport Team WRT)'15 [Power Ratio : 90% > 92%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 103% > 108%]
    ・Aston Martin V12 VANTAGE GT3 '12 [Power Ratio : 112% > 111%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 105% > 104%]
    ・Alfa Romeo 4C Gr.3 [Power Ratio : 105% > 106%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 100% > 105%]
    ・Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo (Gr.3) [Power Ratio : 100% > 101%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 102% > 103%]
    ・Chevrolet Corvette C7 Gr.3 [Power Ratio : 106% > 102%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 100% > 101%]
    ・Jaguar F-Type Gr.3 [Power Ratio : 102% > 101%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 102% > 106%]
    ・Subaru WRX Gr.3 [Weight Reduction Ratio: 100% > 103%]
    ・Dodge Viper SRT GT3-R [Power Ratio : 86% > 84%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 102% > 103%]
    ・Hyundai Genesis Gr.3 [Power Ratio : 111% > 113%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 100% > 105%]
    ・Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 [Power Ratio : 100% > 101%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 107% > 109%]
    ・Volkswagen GTI Vision Gran Turismo (Gr.3) [Power Ratio : 104% > 100%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 100% > 104%]
    ・Volkswagen Beetle Gr.3 [Power Ratio : 90% > 91%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 106% > 110%]
    ・Ford Mustang Gr.3 [Power Ratio : 112% > 109%]
    ・Peugeot RCZ Gr.3 [Power Ratio : 104% > 105%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 102% > 110%]
    ・Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo (Gr.3) [Power Ratio : 96% > 100%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 100% > 106%]
    ・Honda NSX Gr.3 [Power Ratio : 100% > 96%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 100% > 102%]
    ・Porsche 911 RSR (991) '17 [Weight Reduction Ratio: 103% > 106%]
    ・McLaren 650S GT3 [Power Ratio : 108% > 110%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 102% > 107%]
    ・Mazda Atenza Gr.3 [Power Ratio : 105% > 104%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 102% > 103%]
    ・Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-AMG GT3 (AMG-Team HTP-Motorsport) [Power Ratio : 95% > 93%]
    ・Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 [Power Ratio : 105% > 103%]
    ・Lamborghini Huracán GT3 '15 [Power Ratio : 95% > 94%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 106% > 108%]
    ・Renault Sport R.S.01 GT3 '16 [Power Ratio : 101% > 100%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 106% > 109%]
    ・Lexus RC F GT3 prototype (Emil Frey Racing) [Power Ratio : 101% > 102%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 106% > 107%]

    【Gr.4 Class】
    ・BMW M4 Gr.4 [Weight Reduction Ratio: 107% > 104%]
    ・GT by Citroën Gr.4 [Power Ratio : 90% > 94%]
    ・Audi TT cup'16 [Power Ratio : 106% > 104%]
    ・Aston Martin Vantage Gr.4 [Power Ratio : 99% > 100%]
    ・Alfa Romeo 4C Gr.4 [Weight Reduction Ratio: 104% > 111%]
    ・Chevrolet Corvette C7 Gr.4 [Weight Reduction Ratio: 108% > 111%]
    ・Jaguar F-type Gr.4 [Power Ratio : 96% > 100%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 103% > 107%]
    ・Dodge Viper Gr.4 [Power Ratio : 92% > 93%]
    ・Toyota TOYOTA 86 Gr.4 [Power Ratio : 99% > 100%]
    ・Ferrari 458 Italia Gr.4 [Weight Reduction Ratio: 108% > 107%]
    ・Volkswagen Scirocco Gr.4 [Power Ratio : 97% > 92%]
    ・Bugatti Veyron Gr.4 [Power Ratio : 99% > 102%]
    ・Peugeot RCZ Gr.4 [Power Ratio : 110% > 108%]
    ・Honda NSX Gr.4 [Weight Reduction Ratio: 109% > 107%]
    ・Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport [Power Ratio : 91% > 93%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 108% > 111%]
    ・McLaren 650S Gr.4 [Power Ratio : 92% > 94%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 110% > 112%]
    ・Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gr.4 [Power Ratio : 96% > 97%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 110% > 105%]
    ・Lamborghini Huracán Gr.4 [Power Ratio : 98% > 99%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 108% > 103%]
    ・Renault Sport Mégane Gr.4 [Power Ratio : 105% > 100%]
    ・Lexus RC F Gr.4 [Power Ratio : 100% > 98%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 105% > 102%]
    ・Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition Gr.4 [Power Ratio : 98% > 99%] [Weight Reduction Ratio: 102% > 101%]
    ・Nissan GT-R Gr.4 [Weight Reduction Ratio: 110% > 105%]
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    Jimmy1971 Administrator Staff Member

    Currently we are experiencing an unstable connection from the Gran Turismo Sport servers to the PlayStation Network servers.

    Because of this, an error message is displayed notifying that the game cannot connect to the network.

    For the time being, we have found that in some cases it is still possible to bypass the issue and connect to the server by ignoring the correction error messages and going to the top screen, then trying to manually “Reconnect to the Network” a few times.

    Please wait while we investigate the cause of this issue together with the PlayStation Network.
    We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our users.
  3. MasterGT

    MasterGT Moderator Staff Member

    A number of players have been affected by what is being called the "debug menu bug". If you get it, you cannot progress further in the game. Apparently, the only known way to eliminate it, so far, is to delete your progress file and start over. If that does not sound appealing to you, make continuous back-ups, to keep your progress and to have less need of actually starting from scratch.

    I have no idea when PDI will fix this serious bug.
  4. Jimmy1971

    Jimmy1971 Administrator Staff Member

    Could you give us some more details on this bug? What are the signs that you might have it? Does it just no longer record your game progress?
  5. MasterGT

    MasterGT Moderator Staff Member

    You see a debug menu and, yes, your progress is not updated. Although there is a switch in the menu to turn it off, nobody has figured out how to use it to deactivate the function.

    The only unoffIcial solution, so far, is to delete your progress and start over, so keep progressive back-ups of your progress file as protection until they fix this.
  6. dmcallis

    dmcallis Licensed Racer

    An update and ten new cars coming this week. Maybe new events for campaign mode?
  7. dmcallis

    dmcallis Licensed Racer

    Yep, a dozen new events, plus new tracks/layouts including two Monza layouts.

    See GTPlanet...
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  10. MasterGT

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    I came across this replay video for other uninteresting reasons and discovered a way of quickly running down penalties in Sport. I had not heard of this one nor have I had a chance to try it yet. What do you think?

  11. Jimmy1971

    Jimmy1971 Administrator Staff Member

    Gran Turismo Sport Patch 1.15 Out Today, Adds VR Time Trials
    Plus new vehicles, new tracks, new GT League events, and Fanatec wheel support.

    [​IMG]Posted by Kazunori Yamauchi President of Polyphony Digital, Creator of Gran Turismo

    We’re proud to reveal our March update for Gran Turismo Sport: Patch 1.15, available today. We’ve been paying close attention to your feedback, and have added an unmissable collection of new cars, events and a brand new VR Time Trial mode we hope you’ll love. You’ll be able to download and play from tonight, March 28th at 7:00pm Pacific.

    As always, you can find the full patch notes at; and be sure to stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for the first word on more upcoming GT content.

    VR Time Trials

    One of our most often received requests to date has been the expansion of GT Sport’s thrilling VR mode. So, with the latest patch, PlayStation VR owners will soon, for the first time, have the chance to hit the track in a series of challenging time trials. This means you’ll be able to utilize the full benefits of PS VR to perform your best lap time on the legendary Nurburgring and Suzuka race circuits.

    New Vehicles



    Rolling into Brand Central this month are 13 stunning new vehicles, from classic roadsters to modern supercar concepts. Take a look at the complete line-up:

    • Honda Raybrig Concept-GT
    • Lexus Au Tom’s RC F
    • Nissan Motul Autech GT-R
    • Aston Martin DB11
    • BMW M3 Sport Evolution
    • Eckerts Rod & Custom Mach Forty
    • Ford GT40 Mark I
    • Gran Turismo Red Bull X2014 Standard
    • Gran Turismo Red Bull X2014 Junior
    • Lexus RC F GT3
    • Mazda RX-7 GT-X (FC)
    • Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R33)
    • Nissan GT-R Nismo
    New Track


    Next, we’ve added the world famous (and GT fan-favorite) Tsukuba Circuit, featuring a unique combination of tight hairpins and wide, sweeping corners to really test drivers’ racing finesse.

    GT League Events


    Continuing to add to the GT League line-up, we’ve introduced three new events to test drivers of all skill levels, including:

    • Nissan GT-R Cup – Beginner League
    • Redbull X-Junior Series – Amateur League
    • All Japan GT Car Championships – Professional League
    Fanatec Wheel Support

    For all the Fanatec wheel users out there, we are really pleased to announce that we are adding official support in the update and will continue to improve its functionality in future updates.

    Finally, we’ve also added a stunning new Cherry Blossom theme to Scapes Mode to help you get into the spring spirit, and an all-new MINI Museum to explore the complete history of the British automotive giant.

    Remember: you can find all the latest info on upcoming GT Sport content here at PlayStation.Blog or on the official Gran Turismo website. Until next time, drivers, we’ll see you out on the track.
  12. Jimmy1971

    Jimmy1971 Administrator Staff Member

    [IMPORTANT] Issue when Playing 'Gran Turismo Sport' on Multiple PlayStation®4 Systems
    We have confirmed an issue wherein cars in your garage can disappear if you are playing 'Gran Turismo Sport' with the same PlayStation™Network account on more than one PlayStation®4 system.

    This issue can occur if you install Update 1.19 on one PlayStation®4 system, then use the same PlayStation™Network account on a different system where Update 1.19 is not installed.

    We are planning to fix this issue with the next update. Until then, if you are currently playing 'Gran Turismo Sport' on multiple systems, please refrain from using the same PlayStation™Network account when using the other systems.

    We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your understanding.
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  13. Jimmy1971

    Jimmy1971 Administrator Staff Member

    Penalty Judgement Algorithm Update Notice

    The penalty judgement algorithm for car collision during the online races of 'Gran Turismo Sport' will be updated to new rules following the scheduled maintenance planned for Wednesday 10 July.

    The details of the update are as follow:

    Affected Modes
     ・ 'Sport' mode (including Daily Races) and Lobby.

     ・ Players with Driver Rating (DR) 'A' or higher will no longer be judged under stricter collision criteria, but will be judged under the same criteria as for players with DR ratings lower than 'A';
     ・ Light contacts between cars will no longer result in penalties;
     ・ The amount of seconds issued for a Time Penalty will be lowered.

    Thank you for your continued support and please continue to enjoy Gran Turismo Sport!

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