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Discussion in 'Tuning General' started by mobilmasher, Jul 9, 2017.

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    N300 Evora; TC 1, Brake Balance 0 Ride Height; 4.80/4.80 Springs; 239.7/378.2 Anti-Roll Bars; 3/3 Compression; 3/3 Rebound; 3/3 Camber; 0.9/0.21 Toe; -0.04/0.21 LSD; Initial, 21/ Acceleration, 10/ Deceleration, 5 Trans is tricked and set for each track I run the Evora at. I use this tune at all the tracks used for the N300 cars. There is a lack of front grip so you need to enter the corners a little slower, but she pulls out of the corners without slippage, at least she does for me.
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    I guess it's alright, I have the tune written down and as of yet I haven't figured out how to get a copy in a post properly. I'll get it figured out when one of my sons are available.

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