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Discussion in 'PSN GT General' started by dmcallis, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. dmcallis

    dmcallis Licensed Racer

    According to GTPlanet, ( the news embargo on information about other GTSport features, notably the livery editor, expires on Friday of this week.

    Finally, maybe we'll get more information, even if it isn't from official channels. I mean, you'd have to be Slightly Mad to actually communicate with users, wouldn't you? ;)
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  2. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

    Custom Uploaded livery images
    It will Have to Be some sort of Vetted Upload.
    If Not How will you Prevent images that are not Appropriate?
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  3. nuTTTz

    nuTTTz Administrator Staff Member

    Very exciting possibilities. Can see my avatar on my doors now!

    There will be either an approval process (time consuming), or it will depend on reports form the community (less time consuming)

    I half expect it to be static pre selected images.
  4. MasterGT

    MasterGT Moderator Staff Member

    I don't see them vetting images. Pre-selected makes sense.
  5. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

    Or it could be, that YOU are the Only One to See your OWN custom uploaded imagery.
    It's shown on your PS4 only, Not transmitted to the Other Players.

    pCars on the PC does this.
    Your Custom Livery is for your View only.

    pCars does have a Community contribution page, and then the Best Selected Liveries were packaged as DLC's
    But they were all Vetted first..
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  6. dmcallis

    dmcallis Licensed Racer

    It must be Friday somewhere... Info videos have started dropping on YOUTUBE.

    Campaign Mode

    Scapes Photo Mode
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  7. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

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  8. MasterGT

    MasterGT Moderator Staff Member

    Re: the 1st video

    After the 5-minute mark, a bunch of new tracks are shown.
  9. MasterGT

    MasterGT Moderator Staff Member

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  10. dmcallis

    dmcallis Licensed Racer

    Found by MastrGT. He'd have posted it, but it's easier by me instead of from his phone.

    That livery editor looks like "All That"! Can even edit existing already-liveried race cars in game.

    In short, looks GREAT.
  11. Jimmy1971

    Jimmy1971 Administrator Staff Member

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  12. dmcallis

    dmcallis Licensed Racer

    From what we have been shown so far, we can see that the offline events (Driving School, etc) pay credits depending on how well you do.

    That obviously means there is something you must buy with those credits. We haven't seen this yet (correct me please if I missed it) but I am going with the obvious thing and say cars are to be bought with these credits.

    I'm guessing the "events" will only pay once per tier (Bronze Silver Gold), i.e. you can't "grind" events to gain more credits to be able to buy what you want.

    Given there are not a "campaign mode" of repeated-paying events as in the "OLD" (This is after all the "NEW" direction) Gran Turismo, does this mean that "Arcade Mode" will have a payout? Remember, it never has in past.
    Or will the only additional payout be the Online events?

    This would suck for those not willing or able to play online. (Not a concern for anyone here, obviously, but not everyone who buys GT plays online.)

    Have I missed any videos which show this economy of GTSport? Can anyone point me to one? This may not be in the "pre-release" version...
  13. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

    the last minute showcases the Replay Photo Mode.
    Free Roam ( the Feet ) , and 6 fixed camera locations.
    Very similar to GT6's reply photo mode

    the very last few seconds show a Bar Graph Icon in Replay mode.
    Looks Like the Motech telemetry returns...

    Screenshot (3588).png

    Screenshot (3589).png
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