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  1. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

    Ran in to an interesting tire glitch.
    I wanted a photo of the Cobra in Mid Air.
    So I took it to fishermans ranch.

    I had put on American racing rims 2 X size
    Of Course these were normal street tire rims.

    When you go to the ranch, you get Dirt tires.
    And that seems to be where the glitch happened.
    instead of 2x the rim size, I ended up with 2x the Tire size..
    Balloon tires.

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  2. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

    I hope this makes some of you proud...
    The Last race of the evening for me...
    MasterGT and I did the same Sport race, but were in different groups.
    I happened to have one of old GT5 racers in my event, and all I wanted to do was finish ahead of him..
    And I did...
  3. AgentWD40_FL

    AgentWD40_FL Licensed Racer

    But ya finished red on SR !!! LOL but to be fair, I didn't watch the whole race. :p
  4. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

    I know... I got whacked from behind at the very first corner, and my SR went down..
    That's the only incident I can remember..
    I even gained two positions, ( 4th to 2nd ) and my SR was RED, meaning it went down a little.
    I just don't get their SR rating system, and how it's even close to fair.

    It must have thought that My Full On Brakes into the first corner was a deliberate Blocking / Brake check
    and Penalized me for it.
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  5. AgentWD40_FL

    AgentWD40_FL Licensed Racer

    Since the last update, I've noticed a big reduction in the number of times I get a RED SR when I'm hit from behind. It may not be perfect all the time, but it's an improvement. Small side contacts have been ignored now. When I tap someone from behind, I noticed theres a small popup just above my center HUD that tells me I've been penalized for hitting such-and-such driver, and of course at the next check point I get the orange SR.

    DR rating is as its always been .... if you loose positions from your starting spot, it will go down. Finish at your starting position, and it goes up just a tad. Gain poisitions from your start position and it gains more. Win the race .... more on top of that.

    I am a hairs breath away from advancing to A/S .... worked on it last night, but I had some bad races were nothing was going my way, and being around nucklehead drivers. I noticed this morning I'm 2 hair breaths away from A/S .... I should have quit last night earlier. I had a bunch of races where I finished lower than where I started .... hence I have to gain back what I lost.

    I do enjoy Sport mode though, but I should have stayed away from the Audi TT car last night.
  6. dmcallis

    dmcallis Licensed Racer

    That tap on lap 2 on DeStinkeys combined with the from-the-rear already commented on is what did it. Apparently at a S rating, they are very strict. (I'm a 'S' also, btw...)

    Those two contacts were it though...
  7. soks

    soks Licensed Racer

    i got a couple of clean races yesterday, with my only red SR when someone unghosted right in front of me.
    It was the first drive since the last update and I must say the ffb on my G29 is now absolutley terrible. Its like twisting a big spring only
  8. SSRacing69

    SSRacing69 Administrator

    The same thing happened to my G29. I set the ffb back one number for a few laps then went back and re set it to where it was before and it was fine.
  9. soks

    soks Licensed Racer

    Ya w as a bit better today
  10. AgentWD40_FL

    AgentWD40_FL Licensed Racer

    I have never EVER been asked to leave a race room of friends because I didn't belong to a specific group.... Until today. I have lost all interest in racing ... Absolutely despicable ...
  11. DarkLegions

    DarkLegions Licensed Racer

    Is it me or everyone, when there is an update to a game theres a "copying" phase that takes FOREVER to finish. This 98mb or w/e update took a minute to download and is going on for like 10+ (lost track) of "copying"
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  12. SSRacing69

    SSRacing69 Administrator

    Well crap! This is the third time I've been screwed by the updates. When they did 1.06 and changed the physics it wiped everybody's times off so I didn't mind. I hadn't finished the track experience section so I motored on with golding the 3 dirt tracks. Then they did update 1.07 and it wiped out my times on those 3 tracks. I re ran them but had to beat all my old times for it to register. Started doing the last track (Nordshliefa) , then update 1.08 hits last night and wipes out all of my times on license, missions and all of track experience except the 3 dirt tracks. Of course the times that were kept were my old ones before I had to re do them! Jeesh!
  13. PuckHead77

    PuckHead77 Licensed Racer

    Can you elaborate on this in more detail ? I'm just curious as to what happend.
  14. Peyepete

    Peyepete Licensed Racer

    Its a group of "Seniors" that have been racing together for about 3 years, the age requirement is, must be 60 years or older.
    I didn't realize that they were that tough on someone showing up, not realizing that they were under the age limit, unless the room was close to full.
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  15. oldboy1943

    oldboy1943 Licensed Racer

    I must apologize to AgentWD40 for this. I was in the race room and the chat room was full and there were more geezers that were suppose to come in the race room. So the host sent the note that it was a Geezer only race. They all agree the AgentWD40 was a good racer, good guy
    Again sorry AgentWD40. Hope you don't hold a big grudge against me.
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  16. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

    I'm only 56 and I can tell I'm getting Grumpier day by day...
    I guess when I reach 60, I'll officially be a Grumpy old Geezer and be eligible to join the fun...
    ( that was my attempt at adding a bit of humor )

    Sounds like it was just a bit of a misunderstanding...
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  17. AgentWD40_FL

    AgentWD40_FL Licensed Racer

    I wasn't going to respond ... Ya know, fanning a flame and all that. I've settled a bit ... Thanks in large part to the PM's I received. It meant a lot to read them.

    I have many friends from different online race groups. I don't draw lines in the sand, and try to treat everyone the same. I'm simply out to have fun, have some laughs and get some racing in.

    I didn't even think twice about entering a friend's room this morning .... I do it all the time. They got a room up ... Why not?

    I was stunned to be asked to leave. Literally, I was floored by it. Of course, everyone is going to have their view of it ... and I have mine. Lesson learned, and I'll adjust to be more observant to the lines I stepped on.

    The main point of this ... I appreciate the messages I received. It made me look at the bigger picture that I've really never had this problem before. Your all great and I enjoy my evenings with you, and I shouldn't walk away from that based on the actions of a minor few. I'll take care of that part of it in my own way so it doesn't happen again. They had no problem giving me the boot ... Karma, baby, comes around.

    Gimme some time to realign myself ... I'll see you guys soon and thanks again for the flood of messages.

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  18. Stephen1300

    Stephen1300 Licensed Racer

    Don't think twice when you see me in a room, you are always welcome, you beeing one of the nicest guy I've met online.
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  19. dmcallis

    dmcallis Licensed Racer

    I haven't tested this, but apparently the glitch still works, just under much more strict circumstances...

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  20. soks

    soks Licensed Racer

    last night i was in a race which included TourismoLester (think i got that right) who we've all seen at the top of the leaderboards. I was 5 sec off his pace :D

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