GT3 @ COTA GP & Brands Hatch GP 9/29/17

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  1. Jimmy1971

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    RACE DATE: Sept/29/17 8:30pm Eastern

    HOST: jimmy1971 (make sure I'm on your friends list as the race will be private)

    Party Chat on the PS4 if less than 8 racers, In game or 2nd Party Chat if more

    VEHICLES: GT3 Class Cars

    TRACK: Circuit of the Americas GP & Brands Hatch GP

    Practice: On
    Session Duration (HH:MM): 00:20
    Session Start Time: 15:00
    Time Progression: Real Time
    Weather Slots: 1
    Weather Forecast: Clear

    Qualifying: On
    Session Duration (HH:MM): 00:10
    Session Start Time: 15:00
    Time Progression: Real Time
    Weather Slots: 1
    Weather Forecast: Clear

    Duration Type:
    Number of Laps:
    Session Duration (HH:MM):
    Date Type: Default
    Custom Date:
    Session Start Time:
    Time Progression: Real Time
    Season: Summer
    Weather Slots: 1
    Weather Forecast: Clear
    Weather Progression: Real Time
    Start Type: Rolling
    Formation Lap: No
    Mandatory Pit Stop: No

    Broadcast: Off
    Wait For Race Ready Input: On

    Maximum Grid Size:
    Maximum Human Opponents: 15
    Fill With AI Opponents: Off
    Opponent Skill Level:
    Opponent Aggression:
    Opponent Field Type:
    Same Class

    Allow Auto Start Engine: Yes
    Force Interior View: No
    Force Driving Line Off: No
    Force Default Setups: No
    Force Manual Gears: No
    Force Realistic Driving Aids: No
    Allow Anti-Lock Brakes: Yes
    Allow Traction Control: Yes
    Allow Stability Control: Yes
    Collisions: Yes
    Damage Type: Visual Only
    Mechanical Failures: No
    Allow Ghosted Vehicles: No
    Force Manual Pit Stops: No
    Pit Stop Errors: No
    Tyre Wear: Authentic
    Fuel Depletion: Yes
    Force Cooldown Lap: No

    Rules & Penalties: On
    Track Limit Penalties: On
    Allowable Time Penalty: 10
    Drive Through Penalties: Off
    Pit Exit Penalties: On
    Competitive Racing License: Off
    Min. Competitive Racing License Required:

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  3. NBA336

    NBA336 Licensed Racer

    Well, I learned a lesson. I preordered my game but instead of going to Best Buy, I did it through their website. I'm just told I'll get it on Oct. 3rd!!!!! Won't type what I'm thinking. Anyway, looks like I'll miss this race too. Next time, I'll preorder at the store and not online. I preordered GT Sport at the store, so I should get that on release day. Must have had a brain fart!!! Have fun. When I do get on, I'll be the one at the back!!!! LMAO.
  4. Stephen1300

    Stephen1300 Licensed Racer

    I am sorry for you. Same here, I preordered at Bestbuy online, in the meantime I decided to order the deluxe downloadable version but keep the order at Bestbuy for a friend. On release date it said out of stock and then again for a couple of days, I cancelled it. Lesson learned.
  5. PuckHead77

    PuckHead77 Licensed Racer

    Steam on pc spoiled me. I installed a 2 TB hard drive on my PS4 and I just download the games I want. PC2 took a couple of hours to download but its better than waiting for days. I should make this race Jimmy.
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