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    Not too bad. $13000 home-built/rebuilt car doing reasonable highway speeds on real roads. i.e. not hypermileing...

    was purpose built, so not a daily-driver by any means (it's gutted....)

    Getting there though. If solid-state lithium batteries do live up to the promise over the lithium-ion batteries (double the energy density, double the charge per weight and being IMPOSSIBLE to make them burn (Note 7, looking at you, etc.)) we could be looking at 450-500 mile-per-charge factory cars. Solid lithium batteries charge faster too, a lot faster. And are a lot easier to produce than Graphine...
    So then cars like this would be doing 1200 miles instead of kilometers... without "breaking a sweat."

    As I said, the tech is getting there...
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    Backyard techies were working on electric cars back in the 1970s. Imagine where we would be if the manufacturers were also working continuously on the technology through to today.
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    Continuation of the GM EV program alone would have seen us further ahead than we are now.
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    The electric RAV4 also was ended short, but these were both false starts headed toward hybrids, not electrics.

    Shortsighted moves.
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