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    Welcome to the Tuner's Pit Racing Association! Feel free to take a look around our site. If you didn't already know, the TPRA or "Tuner's Pit" is a welcoming online racing league established in 2008. We were one of the first-ever Gran Turismo racing leagues. Beginner or GT Academy winner, it doesn't matter. All abilities are welcome! There's a you in unity, and a unity in community. We have a reputation of putting on some of the cleanest racing that you can find. To uphold this, we ask that you race cleanly and fairly.

    If you'd like to discover more about our origins, please see this old post from our founder, Maineiac_Moose.

    Our current President is SSRacing69. You can access his profile page right here and, if you feel like asking him a question, you can send him a private message.

    Of course, please don't hesitate to ask anyone for help if you're stuck. No question is too dumb! Primarily, ask in any thread or Private Message one of the Staff Members. You can do this by hovering over "Inbox" in the top right-hand corner of the page, then selecting "Start a New Conversation".

    If you need any extra help getting to know your surroundings, please read on for a quick guide!


    Signing Up
    If you haven't done so already, please sign up to the website. This is of course free and is a requirement before you get on the track with us and start racing.

    The Forum
    If the front page looks a little daunting, don't panic. Here's a quick breakdown:
    PSN Motel
    While the Gran Turismo section of the PlayStation Network forums is being fixed, this is the home of the PSN crowd. Of course, anyone is free to post here. But for those that miss their old home at the PSN and need a place to stay, we've hitched them up in a temporary joint.
    Driver's Resources
    Get settled in by visiting the Welcome Center. Catch up on all the latest race results and goings on with the TPRA News. Discover how we gained our reputation as one of the cleanest places to race by visiting Rules and Regulations. Learn about the best equipment to race with in the GT Resource Center. See what everyone thinks or ask a question to the community yourself in the Polling Station.
    Current Games
    This is what we're supporting right now. GT Sport releases in October this year and will be our primary game as we continue our Gran Turismo legacy. However, Project CARS 2 (September 2017) and Assetto Corsa are also fully supported by the TPRA.
    The Garage
    Bask in the knowledge of others and discover new ways to make your ride go faster with tuning tips and tricks.
    The Paddock
    Chill, relax and socialize with other TPRA members. You can also enjoy the various forms of media we produce in the Media Center.

    This is located just under the TPRA logo on the main page. If you want to stay organized, you can view a complete run-down of all the upcoming events at the TPRA in calendar form.

    Discord is our VoIP (Voice over IP) service of choice. It's like TeamSpeak or Skype but better (and free). If you feel like talking to other members with the magic of voice communication, sign up to Discord here. Once you've done that, you'll also need to join our server here. Discord is essential if you plan to communicate while you race. Signing up to Discord is not mandatory but it is very much encouraged if you want the full TPRA experience!

    Social Media
    We're active on most social media fronts. Event news, general updates and race results are posted across these. It's a smart idea to join or follow them if you can.
    -- You can follow us on Twitter @tunerspit
    -- Our Facebook group, "TPRA Members Club" is often utilized for posting quick updates and news on upcoming events. Feel free to join!
    -- We have a PS4 Community that you can join. Events are also posted here. Joining allows you to catch up on news and events directly through your PlayStation 4.
    -- Our YouTube account is in the process of being set up. You'll soon be able to watch TPRA-hosted races live through this free service!

    The Team
    President - SSRacing69

    Administrator - nuTTTz
    Administrator - Jimmy1971
    Adminstrator - MasterGT

    Staff Member - calvins48
    Staff Member - MoparSRT
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