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    Stefan Roser -Road-Warrior
    Here is the Printed Interview where he tells the story of that Yellowbird run.
    The Video clip of the Interview has been removed, I can no longer locate it.
    I also can't find the Helicopter footage,
    there was a video made of 90% helicopter chase footage of that run.

    and the Full Run..

    Faszination on the Nürburgring - The RUF CTR "Yellowbird"

    a slightly different copy

    this is a three part series.
    This Bloke won a contest and got a tour of RUF, along with a ride around the ring with Stefan Roser at the Wheel.
    Part One

    Part Two

    And part three, the ride.
    It's hard to watch but good narration of the turns.
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    In the original video, you can see that Stefan struggles with two goals: getting a good time and keeping control of a difficult car. Something like what we did last night. Very little of what we see as "Drifting" today. He's just burning up his tires trying to go fast as stink.
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    It's a great Video. But I think it was made for show. He was sliding through the corners purposely.
    Not because the car was that difficult to handle.

    I don't think the car is as difficult to drive as it's represented in the Game.
    I find that to be true of most cars in AC. the Grip model is a bit wonky in my experience.
    It doesn't simulate real life grip levels.
    Even at slow speeds, 40 to 50 mph, the car is like driving on snow.
    More Grip shows up at speed with Down force. But in my opinion, almost all the cars, the grip levels are off.
    Especially with cold tires.
    Most production cars today have between 150 and 400 HP.
    You don't see every car spinning it's tires and sliding off the road at 40 or 50 mph.
    the Cold tire grip levels are not realistic. ( the same can be said for pCars1 and 2 as well )

    If you read the Interview, He says that the Drifting was deliberate to be showy. He was pitching the car in the corners, and using the Accelerator to brake the tires loose using the More then ample amount of Power. It was for Show.

    I wish I could locate the video of the Interview. It was both Alois Ruf and Stefan together.
    They talked about having the Helicopter there for the day, Alois Ruf wanted to make a promo demo video, he didn't know Stefan was going to make it so Showy. From an earlier practice run, Stefan realized he could easily slide the car in the corners and wanting to make it showy, but had to manage Tire wear. He had to cool off on the straights.
    he also talked about no Helmet, no safety gear, and his brown loafers. It was a relaxing Sunday drive. That the car was so easy to Handle.
    It was so predictable and easy to control.

    "Stefan explained that the idea for the video came out of that test drive, and the more dynamic and showy I could make it, the better. “This was easy as the CTR handles so well, and has more than enough power to break traction at will. It was simply a matter of being careful to manage tyre wear as smoking rubber for a complete lap of the ‘Ring was not exactly what Dunlop had in mind”."

    Alois Ruf: "That now-famous film was not meant to be famous. Because what we did was make a “RUF image” movie Which was available on a big cassette, on VHS. And we said “We have to make some footage on the Nürburgring.” So, we were at the Nürburgring, we already hired the helicopter. But then we said, “We might as well make one for some real nuts who want to see a whole lap of the Nürburgring. Let’s make one lap of the Nürburgring by helicopter.” So, we did one for the insiders, we thought. That was, because we thought it was too boring for the average person. We thought people would not watch a whole lap of the Nürburgring. And, at that time, the Nürburgring was not very well known, not like today anyway. Especially for the Anglophone people. They confused it with Nuremberg."

    Alois Ruf: "I think that movie did a lot to make the Nurburgring so famous."
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    wish i could have made it but being sick and moving put a damper on things.. i haven't even turned a wheel in GTS yet

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