NFS : Most wanted, any takers?

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by MoparSRT, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    The online is awesome! If you ever played Burnout Paradise (the prequel to this game) it's pretty much the same thing. Really community-based and teamwork-based. Or it can be very competitive if you so please.

    This game is basically Burnout Paradise 2, as has been previously stated. The online is almost identical and the airfield and one of the bridges is straight out of Burnout Paradise. It doesn't make this game any less epic, though!! :)
  2. MiamiPhill

    MiamiPhill TPRA Staff

    Really wish I'd read this thread before opening the plastic on this.....oh well I guess my son will like it.
  3. calvins48

    calvins48 TPRA Staff

    Just got my first ever Platinum Trophy on PS3! And it was on this game! :sHa_biggrin: :sBo_crazyjump:

    I'm not really a trophy whore so I normally wouldn't chase a Platinum but Mopar got me in the mood and I did it! Now all that's left is for him to do the same! :sHa_okay:

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