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Discussion in 'PSN General' started by wyldanimal, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. oldboy1943

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    It was fun rubbing fenders with you again Jazz, hope to do it again soon.
  2. MasterGT

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    So is the consensus still that the world shaking is broken?
  3. wyldanimal

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    Read the entire thread here...
    I honestly don't think they Accept it as an Issue. In fact I get they Impression they are Annoyed that I keep pressing it as an Issue.

    I've also made a full bug report on the Private WMD2 forum, since I'm a Full Member of the Beta testing team there.
    I haven't contributed much, since Sony wouldn't let console owners Beta test. But I am on the GOLD team.
    If you are a WMD2 member, you can read it here.

  4. wyldanimal

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    PS4 Patch is Live today!

    Hi All,
    The patch is going live on PS4. Details below:

    Project CARS 2 - PS4 Patch 2.0

    • Improved driving line assist.
    • Various AI behavioural and race line improvements.
    • Multiple improvements and enhancements to multiplayer, and lobby handling.
    • Improvements and enhancements to audio and sound effects.
    • Improvements and enhancements to replays and replay cameras.
    • USB keyboard support improved.
    • Improvements, enhancements and fixes to Career flow.
    • Enhancements to various cars’ handling and standard setup improvements.
    • Tweaks and fixes to Achievement / Trophy unlock logic.
    • Tweaks and fixes to setup UI and flow.
    • Improved default assists for gamepad users.
    • Fixes and improvements to headlights and brake lights.
    • Fixes and improvements to ICM appearance and functionality.
    • Improvements and enhancements to steering wheel support.
    • Fixes and improvements to certain weather / tyre combinations.
    • Optimisations to tracks across the game.
    • Myriad render and performance tweaks and improvements.

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