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  1. oldboy1943

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    It was fun rubbing fenders with you again Jazz, hope to do it again soon.
  2. MasterGT

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    So is the consensus still that the world shaking is broken?
  3. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

    Read the entire thread here...
    I honestly don't think they Accept it as an Issue. In fact I get they Impression they are Annoyed that I keep pressing it as an Issue.

    I've also made a full bug report on the Private WMD2 forum, since I'm a Full Member of the Beta testing team there.
    I haven't contributed much, since Sony wouldn't let console owners Beta test. But I am on the GOLD team.
    If you are a WMD2 member, you can read it here.

  4. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

    PS4 Patch is Live today!

    Hi All,
    The patch is going live on PS4. Details below:

    Project CARS 2 - PS4 Patch 2.0

    • Improved driving line assist.
    • Various AI behavioural and race line improvements.
    • Multiple improvements and enhancements to multiplayer, and lobby handling.
    • Improvements and enhancements to audio and sound effects.
    • Improvements and enhancements to replays and replay cameras.
    • USB keyboard support improved.
    • Improvements, enhancements and fixes to Career flow.
    • Enhancements to various cars’ handling and standard setup improvements.
    • Tweaks and fixes to Achievement / Trophy unlock logic.
    • Tweaks and fixes to setup UI and flow.
    • Improved default assists for gamepad users.
    • Fixes and improvements to headlights and brake lights.
    • Fixes and improvements to ICM appearance and functionality.
    • Improvements and enhancements to steering wheel support.
    • Fixes and improvements to certain weather / tyre combinations.
    • Optimisations to tracks across the game.
    • Myriad render and performance tweaks and improvements.
  5. Jazzpurr09

    Jazzpurr09 Licensed Racer

    I would like to thank my friends that drop by to race with Hotty and I last night at Texas Motor Speedway under the lights.. rps20171023_131153.jpg Hotty sure liked the high side..
    While I preferred working the low .. rps20171023_131107.jpg Turn one at 214 plus will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat..
    If you don't believe me just ask Daytona Dave...
    Great Times.. I think I might be getting addicted to Indy Car.
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  6. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

    World Movement bug
    The Debate goes on and on.... My PS4 posts were merged in with the PC posts.
    Still no word on if it has been classified as a BUG.
    "Set it to 100" is all we are told to do... at 100 it looks just like real dash cam video's we are told.


    So many members cite in car Dash cam video's as How they think it really should look.
    But anyone who has driven a race car, knows that the Dash Cam video's are not how it looks to be the driver.

    The World outside of the car should Not Move up and down. Especially true with the use of VR.
    the Horizon up and down should be fixed so it does not move.

    Here is a great article on it.

    part two
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  7. soks

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    no big deal, but does anyone know how you get the trophy for Fuji. under 2 min in a storm. I have done it in a thunderstorm and a raging blizzard.. nothing. As I said, no biggie as I'm not a trophy hunter, just curious
  8. DaletonaDave

    DaletonaDave Licensed Racer

    You're quite welcome Jazz. :) It was very fun. I'm not usually into Indy cars, but that interesting. I think I saw 221 one time hitting turn 1. I might've made it through if I wasn't paying so much attention to my speedo. :D
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  9. Jazzpurr09

    Jazzpurr09 Licensed Racer

    It definitely helps to keep your eyes on the road at that kind of speed.. I'm working on a low down force setup for Indianapolis next . Gotten up to 231 going into Turn 1&3 without hitting the wall and without a draft... Looking forward to a big event in the future..
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  10. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

    Indy cars? I'll have to give them a try..
    Does the Push to Pass feature Work? How much of a Boost is it?
  11. Jazzpurr09

    Jazzpurr09 Licensed Racer

    Wyld,. I've only tried it out one time that was at a 20 lap race at Indianapolis it appears to give you a very noticable 70 horsepower boost.. it's a One-Shot one time thing , the good news is it lasts for about three to four, 40 second laps once it's on it's on for the extent of the boost reserve.. It did recharge after a pit stop but I only did that during a practice session. You can also plan on an increase in fuel consumption.
    It may perform different at other tracks.
    Its mapped as KERS button. A good draft partner works about as well , big bump in speed in the draft , but be careful in the corners dirty air causes push.
    Having fun learning.
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  12. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

    Patch 3 should be out very Soon...
    Project Cars 2 Might then be a contender to start racing with it again...

    Notes from the PC patch.. Most of it should pertain to the PS4..

    Project CARS 2 - PC PATCH

    Online / Multiplayer

    New game mode - The Online Championship game mode is now available, allowing players to compete online in full championships, spanning multiple rounds.
    Fixed an exploit where some players could load custom setups in Community Events when Default Setups are enabled.
    Improved logging and syncing when joining online games already in progress.
    Fix for an online issue where players would be shown an incorrect error message when attempting to join a game session which was full.
    Online Reputation: When being kicked from a race, the system now checks your recent history to help decide if points should be deducted from your ranking score.
    Online Reputation: Fixed a bug where remaining players would not score for a win against disconnected players.
    Resolved a problem where a previously kicked player, joining back into a game after accepting an invite, would be auto-kicked.
    For players joining an active qualifying or practice session, there is now a 3-minute cut-off as the session approaches completion, after which it will no longer be possible to join the session.
    An error message is now displayed when an incorrect password is entered when joining a password-protected lobby.


    New Invitational Event - McLaren 720S VIP Challenge.
    Fix for career multi-class races, so that the finish position within the class is used for series progression, rather than the overall race position.
    Nissan Skyline Silhouette, Nissan Skyline BNR32, Nissan R89C, and Porsche 961 can now be used in Career mode.
    Fix for an issue where pop-ups for unlocking Invitational events were displayed in the wrong location.

    VR - of course not pertinent on the PS4

    Improvements to the VR-specific replay camera system.
    Fix for screen dirt and rain drops not rendering correctly in VR.
    Fix for an issue when VR combined with NVIDIA Surround caused the game to attempt display of ultra-widescreen content in the VR headset.
    Changed the VR Gaze pointer behaviour to also hide when the UI is disabled in Photo Mode and Replays.
    Fix for VR Photo Mode initial FOV settings when switching camera mode.
    Fix for screenshots taken in VR Photo Mode not saving correctly to the <Documents\Project CARS 2\screenshots> folder.


    Logitech - Fix for G29 and G920 lock stops.
    Fanatec - improved anti-jolt and high-frequency anti-vibe on the CSWB series.
    Thrustmaster - Improvements for the 458 Italia.
    Improvements to various controller’s vibration effects.

    GUI and HUD improvements

    Session information such as race duration is now displayed on the pre-race menu.
    Changed the HUD colouring scale for race rain tyres.
    Added a dialog to show replay saving progress.
    Change to the way the Start Type is displayed on the Round dialog so that it matches the Race Settings dialog.
    Fix for an issue where a menu would become disabled when moving 'down' from the bottom of the menu.
    Updates to various buttons to better indicate when a button is selected/highlighted.
    Fix for buttons on online post-race results screen so that they only show when they can be pressed.
    Fixed cases where the RPM Gauge on the HUD was not matching the actual RPM of the car.
    Fixed loading bar to become invisible when local loading is complete.
    Added new Help Text for Menu Spring Strength in FFB settings.
    Added fuel estimation to Tuning Setup screen and ICM.
    Added auto-scroll to a number of info feeds to prevent overlapping text.
    Added the name of the car setup currently in use to the 'Setup' button on the Pre-Race screen.
    Fix for fuel being displayed incorrectly as mass, not volume.
    Improvements to the lap timing and visual-split timing HUD widgets.
    Fix for incorrect number of records being counted on Community Event screen.
    Fixed an issue in Time Trial where Loaded Ghosts and Options on the Pre-Race menu were highlighted at the same time if the player added multiple ghosts in Time Trial.
    Fixed an issue where an incorrect weather forecast icon is displayed for the client in the lobby details screen.


    Various tyre behaviour tweaks and improvements to the different tyre compounds.
    Altered the pre-heating temperatures of various tyres to prevent them from being outside optimum temp range at race starts.
    New rain tyre compound improvements for Group C, GTP, all Formula cars, GT1, and LMP900.
    Driveline improvements with increased synchro effect for Hewland-type gearbox
    Lowered the time to jam gears together after a missed shift for all gearboxes.
    Changes to Vintage Lotus treaded tyres to improve wet speed balance.
    Altered radiator damage to make it more progressive, and not accumulate damage from minor impacts.
    Fix for issues with radiator settings on the Toyota GT86 GT4, and Rocket Bunny versions, which under some conditions were causing engine overheating.
    Changes to downshift protection based on vehicle speed.
    Lowered minimum shift time for cars with H-pattern racing gearboxes.
    Improved physics setup and damage for Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.8 AMG.
    Fixed missing radiator damage for Ford Escorts, and Ford Mustangs.
    Improvements to Formula Renault 3.5 default stable setup.
    Performance balancing changes to the LMP1, GT3 and GT4 Classes.
    Refinements to Vintage Low Grip tyre.
    Balanced performance for BMW M3 GT4, and Ford Mustang Boss 302 R1.
    Improved Modern Touring Car tyre compound.
    Road car tyres: Tuned the aquaplaning and more sensible behaviour in very deep water.
    Increased threshold for detaching front wings of Formula cars.
    Adjusted various default setups:
    – Aston DB11: Loose
    – Aston Vulcan: Loose, and Stable
    – BMW 320 TC: Stable
    – BMW M3 E30: Loose, and Stable
    – Chevy Camaro ZL1: Loose, and OEM
    – Ferrari 330 P4: Loose, and Stable
    – Ford Fusion Stockcar: Loose.
    BMW 2002 StanceWorks: Fixed tyre texture, better strut geometry for kingpin angle and scrub radius, improved drag centre of forces in the aero model.


    Improved AI in low- and high-speed cornering.
    Improved balance between player and AI in wet conditions.
    Improvements to general AI behaviour and racecraft across all tracks.
    Tweaks to how AI are affected by snow and ice.
    Improvements to the AI driving on slick tyres in wet weather.
    AI Practice and Qualifying grip levels rebalanced to better match expected behaviour.
    Better balanced AI speed on corner exit.
    Generally improved the AI racing balance and ability across many tracks.


    Update to various AI car sounds.
    Added new sounds for lower pitch skidding.
    Improved AI audio levels in replays.
    Improvements to Lamborghini Huracán engine audio.
    Reduced the skid sounds for the McLaren 720S.
    Modified falloff curves for surface and skid sounds.
    Updated sound mix for replays, with improved reverb settings for tunnels and bridges.
    New tyre skid sound effects for treaded tyres.
    Fix for an issue with audio not panning to all speakers in 7.1 under certain conditions.
  13. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer


    California Highway Stage 3 - Added an alternate start line to clean up occasional start line issues.
    DirtFish (all) - Fixed an issue with render flickering on main building.
    DirtFish Mill Run - Fix for an exploit to prevent unrealistic lap times (This includes a leaderboard reset for Time Trial and Community Events on DirtFish Mill Run to remove bogus lap times).
    Fuji - Fixed an issue with some render flickering on the front of the pit buildings.
    Indianapolis Motor Speedway Oval - Updated dynamic marks, updated AI alternate start line for better cleaner starts.
    Circuit de 24 Heures du Mans - Fix for render flickering issue on the fence left of start straight, and in the curve entering the long straight.
    Lohéac - Fix for an issue on one kerb where the physics would didn’t behave correctly.
    Oulton Park - Fixed floating white lines near entry to pit lane.
    Red Bull Ring—National: Changed some dynamic barriers and fixed LODs.
    Red Bull Ring GP and National layouts - Fixes for various Replay and Pre-Race camera issues.
    Sakitto - Fixed various render popup issues.
    Fixed issues with the race start at various tracks.
    Adjusted the pit lane placement of Pit Limiter Entry and Exit boards at several tracks.
    Improvements to track cut settings at various tracks.


    Audi A1 Quattro - Rebalanced the AI in rain vs. dry.
    BAC Mono - New wet tyre compound.
    BMW 320 TC - Fixes for gaps in the rear of cockpit, and fixed cockpit display clipping.
    Caterham Seven 620 R - Improved wet tyre.
    Chevrolet Camaro 1969 - New suspension geometry to better match the Hotchkiss design at the rear and SLA up front.
    Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06 - OEM setup differential opened up.
    Dallara DW12 Road - New player rain compound, and new AI wet grip adjustments.
    Formula X & Dallara IR-12 - Adjusted engine lifetime model.
    Ferrari 488 GT3 - Reduced extra slip allowance at low speeds for better stability.
    Ferrari F40 LM - Fixed various cockpit detail issues that were visible in VR.
    Ford Escort RS1600 - Adjusted dry and wet speeds for AI to match latest physics changes.
    Ford Falcon V8 Supercar - New rain compound.
    Ford Falcon V8 Superca -  Added a new tyre carcass and made some minor improvements to car handling.
    Formula Renault 3.5 - Increased rolling drag and friction torque to AI to balance their speed on straights.
    Ginetta G40 - Improved AI tyre stiffness, grip and rolling resistance, to better match player, added new Junior tyre.
    KTM X-Bow GT4 - Changed spring and damper data, and added optional final drive ratio.
    Ligier JS P - Fixed exhaust positions.
    Ligier LMP3 - Fixed rear 3rd bump stop having no range adjustment.
    Lotus Type 51 - Increased players wet grip to better match the AI.
    Mazda MX-5 Radbul - Engine cooling and durability adjustment to prevent engine from blowing after one lap. New drift setup added.
    McLaren P1 GTR - Updated the differentials for Stable, and Loose default setups, for more stability and ease of driving.
    Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 - Improved default setup to improve stability.
    Nissan Fairlady Z GTS - Various fixes enabling radiator damage, texture fixes, better drag balance, and bigger set of gear ratios.
    Nissan Fairlady Z GTS-II - Raised shift light RPM-trigger to 8,000 RPM.
    Nissan Skyline Super Silhouette - Boost adjustment for default setup to make the car more competitive with other Group 5 cars.
    Porsche 936/77 - Added a wider set of gear ratios.
    RWD P20 LMP2 - Changed shift lights to better match engine peak-power.
    Toyota GT86 - Altered aero positioning, and fixed an aero-lose problem without changing the setup.
    GT4 cars - Change to the tyre carcass model.
    LMP1 Cars - Fixed an issue where the AI weren't using the hybrid system, causing an imbalance with the player.
    LMP2 cars - Reduced aero drag by 35lbf @ 150mph.
    Various road cars - Changed OEM tyres to the correct ones.
    Kart - Disabled differential setup adjustments, new tyre carcass construction.
    Improved dirt texture on various cars.
    Fixed mud and snow textures on various cars.

    Other Improvements

    Fixed an issue in Time Trial where the player could load a ghost’s setup for a different car from the player’s car if the selected ghost was in the same class as the player’s car.
    Improved the rendering of the edges of LiveTrack puddles for off-road/off-track areas.
    Fixed an issue with mud and dust particles being visible inside cockpits.
    Improvements to the wet track darkening render effect.
    Much-improved motion blur and bokeh effects.
    Fix for an issue where, in certain cases, LiveTrack conditions could be carried over from one game type to another.
    Improved the synchronisation of clouds and rainfall, and the effects on cars.
    Fix for a red/yellow graphical glitch sometimes appearing on track surface.
    Fix for an occasional crash when switching shadow detail level.
    Fixed an intermittent crash when entering text for a new pit strategy.
    Fixed an issue where occasionally some AI cars would not move on the first viewing of a replay.
    Fix for an issue that would reset the player’s tuning setup to default when Pausing and choosing to return to pits.
    ...and many other small tweaks, improvements and performance enhancements.

    *Hot fix for crash when starting the game in certain scenarios in non-English installations.

    To make sure that everything is working as intended, please delete your pre-patch setups and create new ones.

    Looks like the Saved Setups will have to be re-created..
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  14. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

    Still no news on when the PS4 will see the Patch...
    GT Sport has had 5 updates already, and Pcars2, is stating that Sony/Microsoft is holding up the patch release.
    I smell something foul in that.
    It's just a waiting game... But Pcars2 is still on the shelf..
    I won't play it till I know they have patched the World Motion issue.
    On lap down the esses in Bathhurst is enough to make me start to feel ill.
  15. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

    UPDate: PS4 Patch 3.0 has just dropped in the EU. 4.6GB patch.
    we should see it tomorrow????
    But so far, the response to Patch 3.0 has not been GOOD.
    Pitstops Bugged, Tire Heat problems in GT3 class. Over heat too quick.
    Setups Bugged, Fuel settings Bugged drivers starting with different fuel levels.
    time to wait and see.....
  16. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

    Update 3.03 and a New DLC "The FUN Pack" has been released.

    It might be Time to Put pCars 2. through it's paces again...

    I hope we can try it out one of these Wednesday nights.

    this looks like a heck of a lot of FUN !
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  17. soks

    soks Licensed Racer

    Haven't got the dlc yet ... I'm waiting for xmas sale to buy the English version :D
  18. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

    I'm Angry and Mad...
    I just tried pCars2 again, and it's just as much a pile of crap as it was when it first came out..
    The In car view, has so much Outside World motion, I can't stand to drive more than a lap
    around most of my Favorite Tracks.
    Any Track that has an Elevation Change is Affected by it.
    Especially when going from Higher Elevation to lower Elevation..

    The Graphics and Framerate Improvements have Made the Problem even worse than it was.
    It's much more noticeable !

    And The TEAM does not even Acknowledge it to be a Problem.
    They all post Links to Youtube Videos of In car Video
    showing how the Video Captured in the real Cars, Looks the Same as it does in Game.

    Are they really that Ignorant ! ?
    Are these game Developers that Ignorant that they believe
    in Car Video to be how it Really looks ?
    My Gawd, someone needs to Strap them in to a racing Car and take them for a few laps.

    It's back On the Shelf, maybe to never be used again..
  19. Jazzpurr09

    Jazzpurr09 Licensed Racer

    I must be totally clueless when it comes to World movement.
    I can't tell if the world outside the truck is moving or its me bouncing around inside the world especially at this mud slinging rally course in the #31 Rusty Motor Sports Bronco. One way or the other it doesn't seem to bother me a bit. But that's just me..

    Spend 2 minutes watch this short video and explain to me how "I" can tell ... Is the outside world moving ? or is it the truck moving around inside the outside world, because, I just don't get it.

    This Bronco in P cars 2 has given me and Hotty several hours of some of the most enjoyment I've had Racing any of the 3 great games that we currently have to choose from on the PS4 . For me the fun pack and the few cars that I've tried has been just that a total blast.
    Having the choice of three games gives me the opportunity to pick and choose the parts I like from each one.. What a wonderful world we live in..
    I can list many things that I don't like about all three , like in GT sport getting dumped out on the track, in traffic, right at Turn 1, unable to control your pit lane exit speed, that's crazy or the one thing that bothers me the most spending your only day off trying to earn credits just to buy a 2 million dollar car, one of the few in the game that I even have interest in and for just two 15-minute races. Hey but it does look good !!
    In AC looking in your mirror and seeing what looks not like a car but a spaceship hovering above the track behind you.
    In PCars the inconsistency of the strength levels of the AI. And a few more.
    I could go on but none of these concerns are going to stop me from playing any of the games although I must say that having to earn credits to buy cars will limit my ability to racing in GT sport. I'd much rather just pay the cash out front to have the cars accessible to me from the start.

    Change of subject !!!

    Santa came a little early for me with a new PS4 pro and a 55" Sony 4K TV. "I felt the need of a little retail therapy."
    The colors and the graphics upgrade is awesome in all the games... With the exception of AC, when I look in my mirror I still see that little spacecraft chasing behind me.. lol

    Merry Christmas to my friends !!
    And I wish you all a Great Racing New Year !!

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