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Discussion in 'Project CARS 2' started by MiamiPhill, Jan 30, 2017.

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    Driving Indy cars on snow is, um, interesting. Not.
  3. Stephen1300

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    For those woh wonder what those number mean. ie: U1500 or F1500 that we all started with.

    Safety is indicated as a letter, progressing incrementally through clean driving across the following designations, from the lowest to the highest: U, F, E, D, C, B, A, and S.

    If you have frequent incidents when driving, such as collisions with other drivers or going off-track, your Safety rating may decrease.

    Strength is indicated by a numerical value, such as 1500, and will rise and fall based upon final race standings versus your competitors.

    Note: There are bonuses to be had in multi-class online racing by beating competitors who are driving faster vehicles.

    By using these restrictions, players are able to set up matches with equally skilled and like-minded players. To discourage quitting active sessions, there are Strength penalties for those who leave early from race sessions with a race-worthy vehicle.
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    So no one seems to be playing Pcars 2 from here, for those who bought it, why arn't you playing it more? Is it lack of good online races? FFB woes? It seems to have a fantastic car and track list
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    I play it more than GTS as I prefer the way it drives. I spend most of my time in AC though
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    Project cars 2 did an update yesterday. I was pleased to see the Fanatec wheel perform very well and the driving line improved. I tried it briefly but I feel it is a big improvement.
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    I'm just scratching my Head about this...
    Is this really a serious thing?
    SIM racing on a mobile phone ( Mobile Device )

    Like HOW? it's not like you're seated in a racing Seat with a steering Wheel and Pedals..
    So How is this even remotely called SIM racing?

    To me, twisting and rotating your phone around to Steer a virtual car on a virtual track, is not Sim racing !
    Even if allowed for a wireless game Pad. It's still not sim racing.

    But what if, you put the Phone in a Gear VR headset, and had a wireless game pad.
    is the SIM racing?

    Not in my book...

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