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  1. wyldanimal

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    This could only Happen to Me...

    I ran out of HD space on my PS4 Pro ( it came with a 1TB drive )
    So I had got a 5TB External HDD now that the firmware allows you to put games on the external Drive.

    One: you can't connect the drive through a USB Hub. It needs to be dedicated to just that USB port
    So that Means, you can't use VR and have an External Drive at the same Time.

    So I kept all my VR games on the Internal Drive, and everything else on the External Drive.

    Working Great for Months. no Issues..

    Boot up the other day, and the PS4 asked me if I want to Format the USB drive for external use.
    WHAT? it's already got all my games on it..

    Nope. Nothing is detected on it.. the PS4 thinks it's a New drive and Blank...

    Power down, and removed the drive.
    took it to my Windows 10 machine, plugged it in, and Windows asked me to Initialize the drive likes it a blank new drive.

    WTF - where are all the games...

    So I load up a copy of Linux.
    Linux see's the drive, and the partitions, and that the 1st partition is damaged.
    I let it fix the partition.

    Cross my fingers...

    Hook it back up to the PS4, and wada ya know, there's all my games again..

    So Eff that... I order a 4TB 2.5 laptop drive.
    It arrived yesterday.
    I turn off the external drive, plug in a 1TB USB Backup drive.
    Do a backup of the Internal drive ( takes an Hour )
    Done, Power down. remove the 1 TB drive, open the New HD, install it...
    Power up, let it format.
    Download PS4Update.dat ( the 901MB file for new installs )
    Put in USB stick
    Initilize the Firmware. Doesn't work via the front USB port. ( Can't Use USB Device )
    So I plug it in the Back Port.
    It works there...
    Firmware installed. 5.01

    go through all the time/date/location/User creation stuff and I get the XMB menu.. WOo Hoo!Lets see how much Space I got Now.. 968GB free
    Wait... WHAT! ? this is a 4GB hdd, how can it only have 968GB free? !!!

    power down pull out the new HDD. Mother effer... It's only a 1TB drive..
    Mother efeen dong doo doo effen dang bull sprang do Whap dip wad bull frog dang Nab it Eff....

    All that effn bull fart bang...

    it's 12:06 am I call up that AMAZON mother effen Rep bass turd and tear apart a new one...
    I orded a 4TB drive, Paid for Express Next day, and it took 5 days, and then it's a mother Load 1 TB and Not the 4TB I ordered...

    So now I have to wait a nother Next day = 5 days shippment of another 4TB Hdd, and Hope it is a 4TB Hdd
    and Do all the con founded bull whak a Mole shat all over the effn Frog Fart again!!!!

    Got me a Year of free Amazon Prime out of it, and a $20 gift credit.
    Plus I don't have to send back the 1TB drive...

    Now I just have to do this all over again when my next day shipment arrives 3 days late.

    OH, the FUN of it ALL!
    Are we having fun yet! DANG STRAIGHT, you bet i am....
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  2. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

    so heres all that bull wack about my order...
    I swear this stuff only happens to me...

    ordered it bac on the 3rd, it arrived yesterday.
    Screenshot (530).jpg

    the emails after the call.... 12:06 am...
    Screenshot (532).jpg

    the comps...
    Screenshot (533).jpg

    no stock of the same drive, had to re-order a different one..
    Screenshot (531).jpg only me, I swear this only happens to me...
  3. Peyepete

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    Wyld.... How do you keep your sanity.:mad:
  4. Stephen1300

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    I like this part a lot:

    Mother efeen dong doo doo effen dang bull sprang do Whap dip wad bull frog dang Nab it Eff....:confused:

    Got a video of it ? ;)
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  5. wyldanimal

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    Mother efeen dong doo doo effen dang bull sprang do Whap dip wad bull frog dang Nab it Eff..

    Well it just keeps getting mother effen better all the effn bleep boopin time.

    So I come back from me short vacation, and trust you and me, I damn well needed to get away for a few days.

    My 4TB 2.5 inch Laptop drive was delivered.

    Tonight is the night! I'm installing this effn drive.
    Well don't you know... Nope Me Neither... the 4TB drive is about double the thickness of the stock 1TB drive, and them Mother effn bass turds that designed the specifications of this PS4 Pro, Well they decided that they would only leafe just enough fart mucking room for the thickness of the 1TB drive.

    The 4TB drive just ain't going to fit in the skinny bum fart frog licking slot.

    YEE HA! I says to my self... This needs a Blow Torch ! yep, A BIG FIRE SMOKING FLAME SPEWING BLOW TORCH !

    So I getz out my Multi-Vibrator tool with the universal Cuts All, Wood, Metal, Stone Blade attached and I start to cut this thing up into lots of tiny pieces. One Piece just big enough to fit this 4TB HDD.

    Oh, yeah.. First I place the 1Tb HDD in the Slot so I could get an Idea of just how big a Cut I need to make.
    I gave up on the blow torch idea, as I think I'd have too much gooey smelly melted plastic all over the place...

    So I sketch out the size of the opening I need to make in the bottom of the PS4.
    And I take to it with the vibration Buzzing saw thingy.
    the plastic gets a little melty around the cut, but it was a success... I'm now down to sheet metal...
    I started to take some light cuts, but the little fine chippy's coming off, well.....
    They and the electronic goodies inside through the cooling vents, just don't play well together...

    So I get out the trust, handy dandy, razor knife. OHH this is going to be so much Fun !
    after about 5 minutes of slicing, I've got a pretty deep enough scour line that I think I can use the Ole, Open a Sardine Can method..
    I get out the long nose pliers and grab hold of the edge, and start to roll it up on the pilers, and it starts to shear really nice along that scoured edge.

    Brilliant.. simply Brilliant if I must say so myself.

    I gout ti all peeled back, and all that's left is to flex it back and forth to crack it along the back scoure line.
    Plink, it snaps right off... Just like I planned it that way.. Hee Hee hee...

    But wait a minute, the Frame that the HDD mounts in, isn't big enough for the thickness of the 4TB drive.
    So I slip the Bar drive in with out the frame. It's a very loose fit...
    the Frame will slide over top of the HDD, and I can still get the retaining screw in.
    So it fits snug enough to retain the HDD in place.

    It's all together, and I already made that backup from Before.
    I already have the Update.dat file on the USB stick..
    So Power it up and lets see it work...

    YEE HA! I've got me a 4TB PS4 Pro now...!ArPFg5yKGdXim2sxGDObksprp57y



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  6. wyldanimal

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    I wonder if anyone else has been Wyld and crazy enough to cut open the PS4 Pro and install a 4TB HDD?
    I might be the first...
  7. Peyepete

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    Very impressive Wyld... surgical precision.

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