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Discussion in 'PSN General' started by MasterGT, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. MasterGT

    MasterGT Moderator Staff Member

    One of the main Support team just announced that he will be leaving his post.

    I don't know yet how this will affect the speed and completion of this migration.
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  2. DaletonaDave

    DaletonaDave Licensed Racer

    <sarcasm>Well that certainly sounds promising... </sarcasm>

    I just checked in there this morning & the column that shows who the OP is, is now in bold text. :O

    Also, the far right column now shows the date & time of the latest post, but they forgot to make it a clickable link... LOLLL :D
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  3. MasterGT

    MasterGT Moderator Staff Member

    The coder of the spambot has figured out that he can work around the current barriers, so don't be surprised if they show up in the GT forum, at some point.
  4. DaletonaDave

    DaletonaDave Licensed Racer

    Yeah, they shouldn't have announced the method they were implimenting to help curb it. The bots would've still eventually made it through, but maybe not so quickly.
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  5. MasterGT

    MasterGT Moderator Staff Member

    They finally added a "like" button, yesterday.

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  6. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

    Umm, the Like Button has been here as long as I can remember.... Or am I missing something.???
  7. DaletonaDave

    DaletonaDave Licensed Racer

    We lost it when they switched over the forums to the new "Style". I don't think it's been back very long at all. I know I could've used it about a couple weeks ago or so.
  8. Peyepete

    Peyepete Licensed Racer

  9. Stephen1300

    Stephen1300 Licensed Racer

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  10. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

    Yes, you are correct I see the Old Other Forums, that un-usable place...
    now has a like button, but still no way to see the most recent post in a long thread..
    it shows date of last post, why doesn't it have a link to that last post???

    it's been how long now, someone really needs to Pull their damn head out of their freaken Ass and Fix that Forum.
  11. AgentWD40_FL

    AgentWD40_FL Licensed Racer

    They probably don't care, cause forums are a thing of the past. Everything is FB groups now

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