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    Well, I have played through the game and have a few things to say. For a 3rd person shooter, it rocks. Great battles. The graphics are top notch and the weapons are spot on. With a combo of stealth and all out fire fights, you have to use your head to make it through the mission. A 9/10 for this.

    Now, for a SOCOM game, it is lacking. Gone are the open maps that let you come in the front, back or side door to do the mission. You are tunneled down the map with no other option to approach the target. The AL seems to find you way to fast once you engage. Gone is the tactick of sending your squad left while you head right with a silenced weapon and pick them off as the are distrackted with the squad on the left. On Elite mode, the bad guys seem to have a head of steal. They seem to take a head shot and can still fight on. I did just one mission at this level and it took 4hrs just to do the first mission. But I did learn how to use your squad properly. Compleating the full game at this level will take a while. Resting behind cover to regain health is a grey zone for me. Yes, it allows you to continue your mission but it takes away some of the realisim that was in past SOCOM games. Will have to wait for the online to see how this will work. If the use the system that they used in MAG, I will be happy.
    I do like the story line of the game. Every thing links together well and has some good cut scenes. Being able to use other players is nice. For those of you who do not have this game, you have 2 main charecters to use. One for stealth and the other for the semi-stealth/full fire fight missions. They have made the weapons with a proper distance zone. What I mean is that a M4 dose not have the same killing distance as a 50 cal sniper rifle so you will need the right gun for the job.And the cover. I am very happy on how this works. just because you are behind cover dose not mean that you are totally safe. Sometimes your arm, leg or some other part of you is out in the open and the bad guys will hit you. Also, the cover can be destroyed. More than once have I been behind something when a rocket comes and blows away your cover leaving you crouched with nothing to protect your sorry butt.:sHa_thumb2: Very nice. I can't wait to use the 5 player co-op and to get online with some of you here.
    For those of you that are expecting SOCOM to be like the PS2 versions, you will be disapointed. But if you can look past that you will have a good time with this game. The off line can be finished as fast as 8hrs on the easy level. But you will miss a lot of the side quests. Like finding all the info packs in the stage.I have seen in the BETA that there will be 2 types of games. The classic were if you die, you wait untill that match is over and a respawn game like MAG as you respawn back at your starting point and try again. Not sure how ZIPPER will handle the spawn campers but time will tell. All that said I will give this SOCOM game a 8 out of 10. :sHa_biggrin:
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    UPDATE!!! With the PSN back up and running, I have had a chance to try the CO-OP part of the game.This is a blast. I have been using the default setting for the AL and with 3 players, it is a good work out. With just 2 players, it is a work out. The team work is the best part of this. And you can set it from public to private so you can run with anyone or just your friends. I have not really checked out the full online missions yet as the CO-OP is just so much fun. Oh, and the gun level that
    you have in the off line part is carried over to the CO-OP part. So you can have your best weapons with you. I have started a clan called KFC ( Killers for Cash) and is open to all TPRA members that would like to join.
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    I have a co-op room open now if you are on my friends list.
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    Yeah...the Co-Op is a lot of fun on this game. I played with 2 other friends the other day and was in tears laughing. We put the Enemy count to high and got a bit of a shock. Tons of fun!!!
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    FYI Socom 4 did happen, the servers for MAG have been shut down for a couple months already. Zipper has been shut down by Sony and some of it's former members are currently working under another name and making their next game.

    Please use proper discretion when looking through and posting in old threads that have not been posted in in years in some cases. We appreciate your enthusiasm and participation. Thanks and Welcome to the TPRA forums.
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    Not the first time this happened, he's a troll. These posts arn't serious. Just ignore and he will go away.
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    Oh I know. Just doing the MOD thing.
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    It was a good game, now it's no more.

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