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    UPDATE: Drove from NY to LA - took me about 40 minutes going 145mph most of the way in a 370Z. It took around 7 and a half hours in game time. I've never played a driving game with a map anywhere remotely close to the size of this map. It is GIGANTIC!

    Some pictures of my drive from NY to LA:

    Around Santa Fe, NM area



    Coming down the windy roads towards Orange County, CA.


    Was invited to the beta this morning. It's a fun game but if you're into pure sim racing, it's not what you're looking for. Bear in mind it's beta - so a lot of stuff is probably missing or bugged from the final game.

    If anyone's ever played Midnight Club: Los Angeles, it's a lot like that but on a much grander scale. The car customisation is very extensive - from making your car into an off road monster to a highly tuned street racer. Almost every single part of the car can be changed, including interior.

    Colours, stickers, bumpers, fenders, wheels, wings, skirts, interior, side mirrors, the hood. And that's just the visual stuff!

    Performance wise you can change the exhaust, e.c.u, fuel injection, air system, gearbox, motorcore, tyres, brakes, suspension, differential, weight reduction.

    There's even a demo mode for the car where you can test the steering, acceleration, the boost, the brakes, the handbrake, see different views, even roll down the windows, open the doors, blow the horn and flash the lights!

    Think that's it? Nope. That's just for Street. There's more customisation options for Dirt, Performance, Raid and Circuit versions of your car.

    The map is HUGE - the whole United States (obviously not to full scale) with a full day/night cycle. Lots of cars to choose from - muscles, tuners, pick ups, e.t.c.

    The gameplay graphics are okay for a new gen game but it's the cut scenes that really harness the power of my PS4. They look very, very good with amazing lighting and character models but not so great animations and lip syncing.

    The in-car views are nice, but leave a little to be desired.

    The story is a little obvious but easy to get into.

    Soundtrack is good with a "radio" theme to it - some nice songs in there.

    The handling is obviously arcade but you can choose manual gears and an advanced driving model. I obviously chose both those options. It makes it more realistic in that there's oversteer and understeer (I spun out a few times) but it's no Gran Turismo. Steering sensitivity, force feedback and all that jazz can be tweaked for both wheels and controllers.

    There are other drivers roaming the world with you, both A.I and real, which makes the world feel even more real.

    The Crew won't be a purchase for me since you really need a bunch of PS4 friends who are into arcade racers to play it to its full potential but it's a fun game nonetheless. If you enjoy massive maps, car customization and arcade style controls then you might want to think about getting it! :sHa_biggrin:
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    Thanks for the report...good stuff! As one who really loves long road trips in RL...the massive map would appeal to me.:sHa_thumb2:
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    Here is a video I made of my return roadtrip in real-time: LA to NY using the PS4's Share Feature. It's 35 minutes long but it's a good watch! Some great high speed near misses, a great sunrise and of course, a couple of crashes! Available in HD as always! :sHa_thumb2:

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    That's cool! Great way to see the States.

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