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Discussion in 'PSN General' started by Stephen1300, Sep 14, 2017.

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    If you have access to the border, you can use a US holding company, such as Kinek, and bring it across the border yourself. I can't promise that you won't pay duty, depending on circumstances, however. It still may be cheaper, if you have to pay duty.
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    Like it, I frigin Luv it... Worth every Darn Penny !
    This is what FFB should feel like.
    and the Rumble on the throttle and Brake Pedals - Man that is Sweet.
    You can feel when your spinning the tires, the tires have lost grip from Acceleration or Braking..

    Now, if only the games fully supported it...

    I do struggle getting it started in a game though...
    Either it's not recognized at all, or the Pedals don't work...
    So I end up restarting the game a few times, till it's all recognized and working...

    In Pcars1, I have to Switch it into Clubsport V2 Base Mode
    But it works in pCars2 as the CSL E and in Assetto Corsa as the CSL E

    Neither Pcars2 or Assetta Corsa Fully Support it.. So Even though it feels Great, it still not as good as it should be.
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    In Pcars1 you should try the Grimeydog FFB settings found on the Project cars forum. I have great hopes for GT Sport that they will work properly right away. Pcars2 will get it eventually but who knows how long it will be.
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    The Fanatec is Not a Listed Wheel on GT Sport Beta, Only the full PS4 Thrustmaster line, including the New T-GT and the Logitech G29 are listed.
    pS: The New High end Thrustmaster is NOT direct drive. $800 us
    What looks like the End of the Motor on the back of the Base, It's a Tactile Transducer, and Apparently, only functional in GT Sport.

    Not a Direct Drive Wheel. Same Belt drive as T300 base, but a slightly bigger motor.

    This is not the back end of the Motor - it's a speaker for vibration effects a Tactile Transducer.
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    With all the BS about the licenses between Fanatec and Sony, they better have the CSL Elite working if they want to prevent a riot. A lot of people bought that wheel especially for GT Sport. I, for one will get my three teeth fork out of the barn.
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    I agree 100%, with under two weeks to go, I would have thought I'd see support for it in the Beta. Tomorrow I find out if it works...
    the Beta goes Live. Let's hope my Wheel works.
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