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  1. MiamiPhill

    MiamiPhill TPRA Staff

    Welcome to the Bathurst 1.2hr sports car race presented by the Tuners Pit and team PKR.

    Where: Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit

    When: Saturday Feb 3rd 2018

    Schedule: Room opens at 8:00pm for practice, with qualifying begining at 8:45pm. Race starts at 9:00pm.

    Race length: Room will be setup for 90min but actual anticipated race will span 72min (1.2hrs)

    Format: Multi-class

    Cars: Gr.3 and Gr. 4

    Technical Regulations: This is a custom BOP race, please refer to the list compiled by Windfire to find the correct power and weight for your particular car. Your car will have to pass tech inspection prior to race start.
    Tires: Your choice, up to Racing Soft.
    Tuning & Driving options: Open except countersteering assist is prohibited.

    Sporting Regulations:
    Start/Re-start procedures: Race will start with a formation lap behind the safety car, (Oldtimer is or driver) which will pull onto pitroad at the end of the formation lap. Drivers will be required to form up 2 by 2 fashion on Conrod straight and the pace will be controlled to ensure everyone can get through the chase complex (turns 20, 21 & 22) without issues. The safety car will speed up and pull into the pitlane leaving the pole sitter to control the field through the last turn (23 - Murray's corner) and unto the start/finish straight where you will accelerate to racing speed.
    Competition Yellow: There will be a mandatory yellow flag period consisting of 2 laps behind the safety car after approximately 36 minutes of racing. There will be a 5 min warning followed by a countdown of 1min incraments then 30sec. You are allowed to race to the start/finish line when the yellow flag period starts, but once past it you must hold position until you join the safety car train. (You may do so at racing speeds)
    THE PITS WILL BE CLOSED AT THE 30 sec MARK OF THIS COUNTDOWN! If you choose to pit during the countdown, you MUST already be in your pitbox with a (P) next to your name before the 30 seconds to yellow mark. Anyone who pits under the yellow flag period will have to wait for the field to make a complete circuit before rejoining the race.
    The race will restart at the end of yellow flag lap 2, with cars in single file and under control of the leader after the safety car pulls into the pits.
    Pit is considered open once the safety car has pulled in so theoretically anyone (including the leader/s) could follow the safety car into the pits without penalty.
    Race Etiquette: Drive clean, drive fair, have fun.
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  2. tunernaut

    tunernaut Licensed Racer

    Thanks for making a post. I'll see you all out there tonight.
  3. bamboo4wt

    bamboo4wt Licensed Racer

    Great event last night, and a great start for more races in the future. Thanks again to the organizers and of course all the drivers I had the pleasure to share the track with. Cheers!
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  4. NBA336

    NBA336 Licensed Racer

    I'm really pissed that I missed this race, but circumstances didn't allow it to happen. Fortunately Jaedon streamed it for me and I just had a coffee and watched it. Mopar, you're too much!! LOL What a blast. I'll do my best to make the next one though. Cheers,
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  5. SSRacing69

    SSRacing69 Administrator

    It was great to get back racing with TPRA and a mini enduro with multi class was a really good event idea. Almost everything I've done in GT Sport so far has been pretty short and no tuning so it was a nice change. The only thing I changed on the car was the toe and even though I experimented with aero a little I wound up setting it back to stock for the race. Tire choice and fuel was my big concern but luckily it worked out okay. Definitely made me want to start playing around with tuning again for sure!
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  6. oldboy1943

    oldboy1943 Licensed Racer

    Darned, I missed this one, I had cars prepared but I thought that it was for Sunday. I'll be there for the next one, God willing.
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  7. MiamiPhill

    MiamiPhill TPRA Staff

    I’ve been busy since Bathurst and it’s quite some days since the event, but I wanted to thank everyone who came out and made the inaugural 1.2 hrs a success. We encountered some technical issues (related to the game) which eliminated one entrant at the start which was a bummer, and PD really needs to fix these niggeling issues. We certainly learned a lot, and the next event should see some of procedural stuff run a little more smoothly. I don’t have the formula worked out yet, but something involving WEC style Gr 1 & Gr 3s is bouncing around in the old noggin....I’ll let everyone know when I come up with something workable, and within the confines of this broken game.
  8. SSRacing69

    SSRacing69 Administrator

    That sounds like a great idea Phil. I've been wanting to race the Gr 1"s . Seems like most people don't like the really fast cars but I love 'em, the faster the better!

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