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  1. Stephen1300

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    Hello everybody ! I was too busy with my work and neglicted racing for a couple of months. I'm happy I found you, what a mess on the other side. I was already a member here and always felt welcome but I will still thank the TPRA guys for an awesome support and friendship.
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  2. MasterGT

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    I just got a reply about updating the forum. I can't repeat the details, but you wouldn't believe what was said.

  3. wyldanimal

    wyldanimal Licensed Racer

    I take it, they are not going to make any friendly updates...

    My take on it:
    The Forum is not intended to be used as a communication tool, so much as they now intend it to be used for Support.

    Have a Problem that can't be solved,
    they will direct you to the Now non-existent Forums where your chances of getting support will be Nil.

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