What is the TPRA Podcast?

Discussion in 'TPRA Podcast' started by calvins48, Apr 22, 2017.

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    The TPRA Podcast is hosted by longtime TPRA Staff Members - MoparSRT (Josh) and calvins48 (Calvin). There is the occasional special guest but for the most part, the show is hosted by the dynamic duo.

    The show's primary focus is on two subjects - the TPRA (clue's in the title) and Gran Turismo. Josh and Calvin often trail off into other subjects such as movies, music, TV and other video games; so all manner of subjects are regularly discussed.

    It's April 2017 and the Podcast is in a stage of transition, much like the TPRA itself. GT Sport is currently in a closed beta testing phase and is not due for release until (probably) later this year. The TPRA is currently undergoing renovation with a new website in the very early stages of planning. The hope is that the new TPRA website is ready for when GT Sport releases in full. The TPRA Podcast will aim for a similar reinvention.

    So for now, all we can say is we look forward to returning to your eardrums in the near future!
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